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Cause Bloat Happens! 

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Raw foods are amazing during the seasonal warmer weather and for the Ayurvedic Kapha!  They are great for promoting digestion, cooling your core body temp, and helping loose those last few annoying pounds. This program is  inspired by my additional training at the International School of Detoxification and recommended for Spring and Summer Seasons!

 know your are busy, Let’s make it EASY!

Would you love to experience a body that loves you back with vibrant energy?

Meet your natural solution:


This Simple Raw Lifestyle Program is for YOU if you…

  • Are sick of feeling fatigued and tired all of the time
  • Want to get rid of belly bloat 
  • Have excess weight that you want to be gone permanently
  • Want to have glowing, youthful skin naturally
  • Are ready to look and feel healthy without counting calories
  • Are ready for a long-lasting life transformation

Get ready to enjoy a healthier, energized, and slimmer new body!

My Raw Lifestyle Program is the answer for women just like you who are looking to feel lighter, lose the excess weight and have fun while doing it!

Learn when and how to use raw foods for vibrant health!  

And guess what? You don’t have to feel hungry or unsatisfied.

Did you know that your body is roughly 5-10 pounds of toxicity (inflammation) at any given time? So that means that the belly bloat, extra weight, and headaches you have been feeling are actually toxicity!

Did you know that you can let go of those extra pounds by experiencing a raw food cleanse?

In this program, we don’t use the word diet because we want the results to be a permanent lifestyle change! Using the word diet means temporary. This program give you lasting results. 

I want to show YOU a new way of not only living a healthier life, but also renewing your energy and vitality that you’ve been struggling to maintain.

GET READY to BENEFIT from these healthy tips and ENJOY:

  • A radiant glow, feel comfortable in your skin
  • Long lasting, natural energy, no more crash and burn
  • An entirely new you beaming with renewed health   
  • Feeling satisfied after every meal 
  • Feel lighter and have a ton of more energy
  • Kick those sweet tooth cravings to the curb –for good! (and have your chocolate too)
  • Sleep soundly throughout the entire night and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Decrease inflammation and belly bloat
  • Slim down to a healthier version of yourself (average loss of 3-5 pounds in a week)

Are you ready to feel rawmazing

in just 7 simple and deliciously RAW days!

What is included in this program?


A customized Guide: You will know exactly what to eat and when. This guide will be customized for YOUR body and the results YOU want!



Raw Recipe Guide: Complete with 20+ delicious recipes and mouthwatering pictures to match each one. No groans about ‘diet food’ – these recipes are REAL food. Chef-designed and flavor-loaded for your clients.



7 Day Raw: Suggested Meals Shopping List, make planning the week and
shopping as easy as 1-2-3 for you.



Food Diary: Journal the process every step of the way and learn what foods actually fuel your body.




Email Support: This program is self guided but you didn’t think I would leave you out to dry did you?  I am here for your success.  Answers to all yours questions with a 48 hour turnaround time.



Access and Membership to Wholistic Healthy Lifestyle Community for guidance and support and  join hundreds of others who are taking charge of their health just like you!   Here you will find videos, inspiration, bonus recipes, photos and more!

Videos, Food Demos, Online Webinars offered throughout the year in our Facebook Community!

Plus, I’ve included some raw food bonuses that will help you reclaim your healthy body in no time including the

 10 Juices for Radiant Skin! 

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Are you ready to say yes?

It’s time for you to look and feel amazing.  Your time is now!  Join our community of supportive lovers of healthy living!  You are a reflection of who you surround yourself with!  If you are looking for a community that values health, nourishing foods, motivation, inspiration, fun, and connection, we would love to have you join! 

Why experience raw foods?

In theory, when you cook foods above 118 degrees, you kill the food and remove the natural enzymes that are present. When a diet consists mainly of cooked foods, the body isn’t able to break them down properly. Therefore, the body has to work harder, meanwhile depleting its enzyme reserve. As a result, your body cannot detoxify as it should and becomes dehydrated easily.

Many who suffer from bloating, constipation, UTIs, and chronic infections, lack an adequate supply of enzymes. This enzyme deficiency leads to a life of health problems.
In addition, when you eat cooked foods constantly, your body becomes too acidic. Acid robs vital minerals and nutrients from your body that are essential for the metabolism and thyroid function. It also gets stored in the fat cells with other toxins, which causes cellulite. I talk more about this topic in Alkalinity and Weight Loss.
On the other hand, when you eat raw, you are eating an alkaline diet that helps keep your body at an adequate PH level. Living foods also naturally detoxify your body and aid you to lose weight and reduce sugar cravings. Also, as your digestive health is directly related to the amount of enzymes in your body, as you boost the amount of enzymes in your body and improve your digestive system, you’ll experience greater overall wellness. Live foods also help nourish your vital force, otherwise known as your energy. With a healthier body and mind, you’ll notice you will attract more abundance into your life.

Join us and celebrate your health and well being! 

Yours for only $97 

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We are changing lives here and  I really hope YOURS is next!

With Love, Gratitude, and Aloha!

The Healthy Beach Girl