Where do you currently live?

How did we find one another?

Tell me what you are struggling with and what you feel is keeping you from achieving want you want?

How do you feel these challenges have held you back?

What have you done or are currently doing to overcomes these obstacles?

What are 1-3 goals, dreams you have for yourself the next 6-12 months?

Is there anything standing in the way of you achieving your goals (time, money, lack of support?)

How is your health? Please list your main health concerns and health goals:

The most important thing I should do to improve my health is:

Have you experienced any major life events recently?
If Yes, Please explain:

What are 1-3 long term goals you have for 1-5 years?

What do you enjoy most in life?

What role does exercise, nutrition, and self care play in your life?

If you could wave a magic wand, what 3 things would you change in your life right now.
I invite you to Dream Big.

Who will be supportive of you to make food and/or lifestyle changes?

How do you feel a coach can help you?

The service I provide and experience we co-create is profoundly transformation and requires a commitment
to you and your intentions, a willingness to receive support, and desire to create change.
Are you ready for this at this time in your life? Please Explain.

Do you value and believe that your health and well being is worth investing in?

If you are willing to invest in your life, your health and well being,
and we are a good fit to work together, are you ready to make an investment in your life at this time?

Anything else you'd like to add?