Affiliate Information


Affiliate Partners:

  • Yoga and Fitness Instructors
  • Spiritual Mentors
  • Intuitive Coaches
  • Life Coaches 
  • Holistic Health and Healers such as Reiki, Massage, Acupuncture, energy healers,etc.
  • Athletic Coaches
  • Health and Wellness Educators

Program Options:

1.  Embodied Healing & Empowered Living Immersion ® *graduates only 

2. Home Study Courses  available:


Note: You will not receive commissions for our own orders (for yourself) purchased through your affiliate link.

Read your Affiliate Terms of Agreement Here!


When are commissions paid?

Payments are the first of each month via paypal.

How are affiliate commissions paid?

Affiliate commissions are paid through PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account, please sign up at www.paypal.comPlease be familiar with PayPal terms and agreement as a small fee will be taken through the transaction before it shows up in your affiliate account.

How am I supposed to promote the programs?

As an affiliate, you can share the love you have with the program for your friends, family, clients, fitness studio or business to make money. All we ask is that you keep it positive!

Do I have to be a sales person?

You do not have to be a salesperson. Just share your enthusiasm for the program and encourage others to join the party!

Do I need a website?

You do not need a website, however, we highly recommend it.  Affiliate accounts are limited and filled where there is an appropriate fit for both. Websites are highly recommended for sharing this program.  You can also share you link via any social media platform: Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, email, etc.

Are there requirements to keep accounts active?

Yes you can view these under the Terms of Agreements

Do sign ups have to be made through my link?

YES in order to earn your 30% commission, sign ups can only be tracked via your affiliate link. To make sure you receive proper credit and receive your commission, please have your referrals use your personal LINK.

Sign ups for Group Coaching and Private Coaching are by application only and require a 30 minute Discovery call with the potential client. If a person signs up for a Clarity call with the interest to join a group or private coaching program and commits to a Program, I am offering $250 referral fee or $400 in Jen Mons Coaching Certificates.* Expire within one year

Please contact us HERE with any questions!