Navigating Core Wounds of Rejection and Essential Goodness

Healing Core Wounds around Rejection and Our Essential Goodness In this episode Jen shares a personal experience that showed up around a core wound of rejection and questioning her essential goodness.  Have you ever experienced this? It usually happens on a subconscious level and until we work

Embody your light body with Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner

In this Episode Jen shares guest Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner, a light body engineer and name alchemist. Former Manager of Energy Engineering whom after a Near Death Experience for a total of 7 minutes, chose to remain behind and reconnect the souls who’ve lost their way home. In

Consciously Parenting through Fear and Pride

In this Episode Jen shares  about receiving the expanded energy of life through conscious choices. This personal experience of her’s navigating through fear and pride showed up through parenting, but the message of intentional choices, leaning into our body wisdom, trusting our intuition, apply to all areas

Become the experience you seek

In this Episode Jen shares a secret on bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to go in life. As she asked the question navigating her own experience,  “Become the experience you want to create” came out with clarity.  We spend so much

Nourish, Empower, Transform

In this Episode Jen shares 3 pathways to accessing your Embodied Healing Self, our potential, and the fullest expression of your soul.  The first is through Nourishment of the physical and energetic body as the foundation and the most basic form of self love.  The second pathway

Become what you want to experience. How are you BEING?

Thank you for this message in my meditation this morning. • I am having so many conversations lately with women reminding them that all of what we dream and desire is in the “being” not the “doing.” • It’s all about living in alignmentwith what matters most

I think I am peri menopausal… how about you? Here is what I am doing.

  Yep its true… I think I am entering the next chapter of my wellness journey…… peri-menopause…  I always recommend my clients to ask their doctor about the dutch test for hormone testing and well, I guess its my turn.  Estrogen and progesterone drops…, the increase of glutamates (neurotransmitter causing more sensitivity)

Karin Haysbert “The Inner Work that Creates the Outer Power”

In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Karin Haysbert, a divine love & life coach, inspirational speaker, worship leader, and author.  She has worked to empower women for over two decades, helping them to find the clarity, confidence, and courage to live their dreams to create the

Is your story telling you? Your Story to your Glory with Karen Kenney

  In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Karen Kenney. She’s a certified Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Storyteller and Speaker.  She has been a student and guide of A course in Miracles* for 26 years and  a longtime student of Passage Meditation.  Her personal Mentor is Marianne Williamson. 

The Overachiever Syndrome… Am I good enough?

In this Episode I share my self limiting belief around “I am not good enough” and how I am now a “recovering over achiever and perfectionist”. In this episode, you will learn about the most common self limiting beliefs that show up.  You will understand how that

Stress is our number one health issue. How it effects the body and tips to reduce stress.

In July I will be speaking at a womens event on a health panel and I plan to cover the topic of Women’s health issues around overwhelm, stress, and low self confidence. wellbeing = balance + love + nourishment + joy My clients have included dietitians, nutritionists, and doctors who know

Harness the Power of your Fear… and step into Empowerment

In this Episode I share a very recent experience in divine timing of how I choose to show up differently around my own fears, and how it allowed me to step fully into and embody self empowerment, which felt like awakening my tiger spirit animal. This experience

The balance of BEING and BECOMING

The Balance of Being and Becoming Living with Intention We are all growing, expanding and evolving into something during the stages of our life experience. Whether it is your yoga or meditation practice, creating healthy habits, a relationship with a loved one, awakening to your sense, from

Welcome fear as the catalyst for change and live in abundance with Lloyd Burnett

  In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Lloyd Burnett.  A spiritual teacher,  coach, writer, and author who mentors and teaches healing professionals to claim their inherent gifts and abundance. Lloyd teaches workshops on harnessing the power of limiting beliefs and fear as the catalyst for change

Healing through Relationships, Connection, and Intimacy with Tara Davis

In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Tara Davis on healing through Connection and Intimacy.  Tara is a relationship and intimacy expert with 25 years experience and the creator of the Relationship Playbook for marriage.  She works with successful working couples who are exhausted and overwhelmed by