The Intuitive Transformation Evolution with Sherri Divband

In this Episode Jen shares Author, Healer, and Intuitive and owner of Intuitive Wellness from Bethesda, Maryland Sherri Divand. We discus everything from how to heal your relationship  with your trauma, emotions, physical health, and live in alignment with your energetic vibration to children and animals as

The Energy of Self Worth

In this Episode Jen expands dives into the biggest energy block that shows up for most of us, the feeling of unworthiness. She shares the significance of embracing the frequency of self worth in our lives and how and where it shows up when we don’t embrace

Live in Your Natural Energy Flow

In this Episode Jen expands on the 7 levels of energy attunement and how to live in the FLOW of our energy. How to Overcome overwhelm and exhaustion and welcome in more energy and alignment. How to live in the balance of expansion and contraction, being and

7 levels of Energy Attunement for your Energy Signature

In this Episode Jen expands on the idea that our only purpose in life is to embrace the truth of who we are.  She calls that your soul signature and in this episode gets into the energy body. She shares with you what our energy signature and

42 Sacred Life Lessons

In this Episode Jen briefly shares her birthdate soul ma, favorites, and 42 life lessons and beliefs that she is most grateful for. She gets upfront and personal around life experiences and beliefs that she holds in way of being. She also shares her annual birthday ritual

Harness the Energy of Mother Nature

In this Episode Jen shares the importance of harnessing the healing energy of Mother Nature during her experience during a category 5 hurricane. Enjoy the show! Key points you will learn: How Identify your response to negative energy The 3 step process of harnessing the healing energy

Build a Solid Foundation for Personal and Spiritual Growth

In this Episode Jen shares the importance of building a solid energetic foundation for personal growth and expansion in your life by becoming a vibrational match for your soul.  She talks about paying attention to the energy (intention). The more energy we put into building a solid

Own your Intuitive

This week’s guests Tamara Arnold, 3 time author, podcast host of  “Own Your Intuitive”, and Business Energy Coach shares her experience of learning to trust the energy of our innate intuition.  She helps to break stigmas around mental health, intuition helping spiritual driven entrepreneurs, through healing energy

Navigating Core Wounds of Rejection and Essential Goodness

Healing Core Wounds around Rejection and Our Essential Goodness In this episode Jen shares a personal experience that showed up around a core wound of rejection and questioning her essential goodness.  Have you ever experienced this? It usually happens on a subconscious level and until we work

Embody your light body with Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner

In this Episode Jen shares guest Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner, a light body engineer and name alchemist. Former Manager of Energy Engineering whom after a Near Death Experience for a total of 7 minutes, chose to remain behind and reconnect the souls who’ve lost their way home. In

Consciously Parenting through Fear and Pride

In this Episode Jen shares  about receiving the expanded energy of life through conscious choices. This personal experience of her’s navigating through fear and pride showed up through parenting, but the message of intentional choices, leaning into our body wisdom, trusting our intuition, apply to all areas

Become the experience you seek

In this Episode Jen shares a secret on bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to go in life. As she asked the question navigating her own experience,  “Become the experience you want to create” came out with clarity.  We spend so much

Nourish, Empower, Transform

In this Episode Jen shares 3 pathways to accessing your Embodied Healing Self, our potential, and the fullest expression of your soul.  The first is through Nourishment of the physical and energetic body as the foundation and the most basic form of self love.  The second pathway

Become what you want to experience. How are you BEING?

Thank you for this message in my meditation this morning. • I am having so many conversations lately with women reminding them that all of what we dream and desire is in the “being” not the “doing.” • It’s all about living in alignmentwith what matters most

I think I am peri menopausal… how about you? Here is what I am doing.

  Yep its true… I think I am entering the next chapter of my wellness journey…… peri-menopause…  I always recommend my clients to ask their doctor about the dutch test for hormone testing and well, I guess its my turn.  Estrogen and progesterone drops…, the increase of glutamates (neurotransmitter causing more sensitivity)