Are you too busy minded to listen to your body's wisdom?
Are you too “busy minded” to listen to your body wisdom?

Our bodies will tell us, don’t eat this, eat that, that person is zapping your energy, you might get hurt if you do this….. are you listening ?I teach this when I teach yoga and I teach people intuitive eating… because that is sustainable in your well being.

This is an invitation to be PROACTIVE in your health and well-being, and I am wiling to be that many of you consider yourself relatively healthy, but what if you could have more energy to really radically enjoy your life!!! Because you can.  Everyone has their own idea of healthy,

Find your type here in the quiz here.

On a personal note, at least 7 people have come to me in the last year after they have been diagnosed with cancer.  Many of them followed me for years but didn’t take the leap.  Like Habit Number 1 in the 7 habit’s of highly effective people, which my 4th grader brought to my attention,BE PROACTIVE. Are you ready to take the leap to the best version of yourself?

Here are a few resources to support you on the Podcast “Embodied Healing Self”.

1.  In the Episode with Dennis and Kathy Lang “Everything Matters” we talked about human beings vs. human doing and how life is a practice…. what are you practicing. 

2.  In the episode on “Gerson Therapy,  A complimentary method to treating cancer” Sarah and I talked about being busy minded and how that leads to health crises.

3.  In the Episode “End Self Sabotage with Bonnie Kelly”we dive deep into unhealthy emotional patterns that effect our health and wellbeing

4.  And in the Episode with Functional Medicine Doctor Keith Holden and Author “The Power of the Mind in Health and Healing”,we learn how our thoughts effect our health.Find these guest speakers books and other resources here. 

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