Awarded Game Changer in 2018 for Jacksonville, Florida



I am so honored to be one of Jacksonville’s Game Changers with Leading Ladies 904 for 2018.

#31of52GameChangers ⎣Jen McCarthy Mons⎤
• Loving Mom & Wife
• Yoga Teacher
• Surfer and Windsurfer
• Dance Fitness Instructor
• Conscious Connector
• Visionary
• Writer & Speaker
• USNR veteran
• Coach – Health, Life, Functional Medicine, Meditation
Our #31 is a healer always — in all ways. Jen McCarthy Mons is inspiring people to tap into the Ying + Yang of life. She is both brilliant and compassionate, strong and kind. A graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy ALUMNI (about 8% female), she double majored in Marine Mechanical Engineering and Maritime Logistics and obtained two USCG licenses for both Engineering and Captain. What does that mean? She can captain a really big yacht, if needed! She listens with intent — and vulnerability is her superpower, always willing to share her journey in pursuit of helping others. She is a KADAN Institute of Functional Medicine Coach with a focus on mind, body, soul. You can catch her on a surfboard. And when she’s not beach bound, she’s focused on launching a book and podcast, set to release in 2019.

You are a champion for mind + body + soul wellness. Why?
I have had my own health and wellness challenges and healing. I was a corporate driven woman before I endured life threatening liver failure with the birth experience of becoming a mother. Before that event, I was a competitive athlete, overachiever, and considered myself healthy. I never imagined I would lose my health, but I did. Both my daughter and I lived in crises mode for years. My health is one of my most sacred gifts. Many people do not consider this until its too late. When Traditional medicine didn’t work for us, a leap of faith took us on a healing path through nutrition and a variety of holistic wellness methods and gave us our life back. My health and well-being gives me an amazing and adventurous quality of life, and allows me to live and show up authentically every day to be the best version of me. I want everyone to know that their own healing self is possible.

You are a Multifaceted Coach. Tell us about your work.
A Wholistic Life and Health Coach inspires, guides, and works with people to living fully in embodied health. This includes having healthy relationships with the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies that create our “whole self”. It’s not just about the food we eat, but includes a healthy mindset and transforming the beliefs, fears, and attachments that often stand in the way of creating change into positive change. As an intuitive healer and coach, I combine my knowledge, training, and experience with intuitive messages to create a unique transformational experience for my clients. The work I do is powerful and deep and only meant for those ready and wiling to create change in their life.

Why is yoga so vital to your balance?
I love this question. One of my greatest gifts as always been to respond to life’s challenges and transform the experience into something powerful and positive. A few years ago as health coach, at the peak of eating clean and with the belief that “If we eat healthy, we wont get sick”, I had a second health crisis. As a perfectionist & overachiever, I knew the answer was to reduce stress and let go of perfectionism. I became a yoga and meditation teacher. I create balance in my own life and encourage others to create balance in their life for wholistic health.

What are you most proud of?
My family – especially my two daughters Maile and Lanea. They are my greatest teachers in life and my greatest contribution. Becoming a mother has been the most humbling and life changing journey. It is when I truly started living in alignment with my soul purpose. I am writing a book about it.

What will your impact be before you die?
I want to be remembered as a person who embodied Unconditional Truth and Love for myself and others. All these other labels are talents, skills, and gifts that I share with people through relationships and my work. I really want people to know is that they are loved, and worthy of unconditional love and healing. I am here to lead, inspire, and hold space for those who want that.

Who is your mentor?
I have had many mentors in health and wellness throughout my journey. But I have to say my most admired mentor, partner relationship is my husband Chris. He loves life and lives in the flow of life. I am so honored to share this lifetime with him and aspire to be an unconditionally loving and kind human being like him. He reminds me of the joy of life in the balance of being and becoming.

Who is a woman in this community you admire?
Heather Alice Shea – I was a client of hers years ago and together we co-created personal growth and a friendship. She is fierce, intelligent, loyal, conscious, and compassionate. She is on the leading edge of creating change in the world. She blends fierce intelligence with heart centered intuitive spiritual coaching better then anyone I know.

What do you love most about Jacksonville?
Jacksonville feels to me like an emerging energy vortex. I have lived all over the country and moved here in 2007. I love the diversity of all that it has to offer. As a visionary, I see my purpose in this city that is emerging as one of the countries leading cities for conscious growth. I have always been on the leading edge of creativity and contribution in the world through my work. The holistic work I do is more mainstream in other countries and throughout our country and I know deep in my soul that Jacksonville is ready for progressive and preventative health and wellness through a holistic approach and that is why I am here. I know I am in the right place and as a bonus, I live at the beach and love the salty life.