Become what you want to experience. How are you BEING?

Thank you for this message in my meditation this morning.

I am having so many conversations lately with women reminding them that all of what we dream and desire is in the “being” not the “doing.”

It’s all about living in alignmentwith what matters most to us not in the doing in the hustle (done hustling thank you)

I often hear that it justtakes too much timeandtoo much workto nurture healthy relationships and connection with ourselves, with nourishing food, with fitness, and all the other things that are Essentialto our well-being.

Yet we all know that what we don’t make time for now will be knocking on our door asking for attention later. (truth bomb)

Yet sometime so many of us want to play the wildcard and take a gamble on our health, our relationships, and our well-being.

I believe the time is now, it’s always the right time

An extraordinary path is waiting for you, full of optimal and balanced health, energized daily routines, healthy eating, self love, loving relationships, healing, connection, joy, fun.. and all that your heart desires..

Here is a gift to open the gateway
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Become the experience you want to have.

Remove yourself from the idea that what you want to have and be is separate from you

Embody the idea of wholeness and becoming

This is where the real healing begins

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