Clearing the clutter is better for you than you think

How many of you wake up each morning stressed, not only about the day and the list of things that needs to be accomplished but also the looming thought of, “What am I going to wear?”. Your mind races through your favorite things, some are dirty, some you haven’t been able to find in months and ultimately you end up leaving the house in something you feel less than stellar in because you just needed to get to work. Our closets become a place where we shove pretty much anything we don’t want seen but that we really need to remain functional because they house some pretty important stuff. There are loose studies and psychological theories about how clutter can cause stress and anxiety. I don’t know the statistics or that there really even are any but I do know that if you sit down and just think about it, it makes sense. A space that is clear and tidy, one where everything can be found with ease, that’s always ready to welcome guests is so much more appealing than one that looks like a hurricane just hit it. It can be daunting to tackle the project of a cluttered space, especially when we are all busy in our own ways. I tell my clients to choose the place in their home that causes them to most stress and that’s where we will start. It’s usually their personal closets.

Everyone has issue cleaning out their own closet, never think you’re the only one who’s holding onto the first pair of designer jeans you ever bought, or the shirt that you were wearing when you got your first raise. {Confession, I still have my senior prom dress, it’s beautiful and I love it, but I made sacrifices in other categories in order to make space for it. It is OK to hold onto things you love.} The key is to choose a time to make it happen, dedicate a few hours to be project, focus, and force yourself to finish. Don’t invite a friend or family member to help unless they can be genuinely objective and helpful. The last thing you need is someone who is unable to be unbiased and non judgemental. Then you just get started. Pick a side of the closet and start combing through, item by item. Don’t skip over anything. Make piles outside the closet based on what you want to do with the items you aren’t keeping – donatable items, items worth selling, items that just need to be trashed. Dirty clothes need to go directly into a hamper, make a pile for dry cleaning/alterations and anything you love stays in the closet. The mission is to  clear out the no’s. If you come across an item you haven’t seen or worn in six months – try it on. Ask yourself “Am I really going to wear this?” “Why haven’t I worn it?” If the answer is that it doesn’t make you feel good, it’s uncomfortable, you think it might fit if your body was different in one way or another, get rid of it. It doesn’t matter how much it cost or that you never wore it, the money has been spent and it doesn’t bring you joy. Subconsciously that garment hanging there looking at you everytime you need to get dressed is stressing you out. Everytime  you try it on and you don’t feel good about your body it brings you down. Don’t let it do that, you are in control. 

What our mission is the be left with only what you love, only wants makes you feel good, only what fits and what you are happy and comfortable in. I want you to be able to sleep in an extra few minutes because you know that when you go to your closet to get dressed for the day that you’ll be able to find something to wear with ease.

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