Dr. Telecan will cover a very controversial topic: “Fats and their role in health, weight loss, and physical performance”. Is it really possible to eat fat and lose body fat, to free yourself from uncontrolled hunger and food cravings, or to increase your energy, mental and physical performance? Are all fats created equal, or there are fats we should not eat if we intend to heal and live a long happy active life? If fats are good for us, and they can become the primary fuel for our body, how can we make the transition from “fat phobia” to “fat loving”? Is there a secret to eating fat and burning fat?



Dr. Mihaela A. Telecan

Author, Low Carb/Keto Coach

Founder of Healing With Foods

Mihaela Telecan, DVM, MS, RD, known as the LowCarbRD and Mindset Coach is on a mission to help one million women achieve unsurpassed health and bring happiness back into their lives.

She is the author of MAKE PEACE WITH FAT and the founder of Healing With Foods, a wellness coaching practice focused on helping women reverse metabolic disorders (diabetes, PCOS, obesity), reduce inflammation and pain, heal leaky gut and autoimmunity, and most of all, gain their energy and happy life back.

Combining her professional training with her unique upbringing in Romania and her own healing journey, Mihaela helps her clients gain incredible health and performance, all by using an ancestral whole foods approach, along with important mindset and lifestyle strategies.

Mihaela was featured on local television stations BUZZ TV and Jax Channel 4 River City Live, as well as, published articles in Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, 904 Fitness and Proactive Health Magazine. She was also quoted in Life Extension Magazine and interviewed on numerous podcasts.

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