Guest Speaker Series with Kristi Lee Schatz

Kristi Lee Schatz

Love the Life You Live


I just fell in love with Kristi  when I heard her speak for the first time and I know you will too.  She is radiant inside and out. I am so excited to share the work that she does from her home in Jacksonville, Florida.  Her website will pull you in and so will the title of her new book!

Please share your name, title, any certifications you would like to share.

My name is Kristi Lee Schatz and I’m an author, speaker, and coach. I hold a master’s degree in counseling psychology from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with a specialization in creative expression. I have been trained in a variety of healing modalities including art therapy, meditation, body-centered therapy, guided imagery, energy healing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Please share gifts, talents and services you provide. 

For individuals, I provide personal leadership coaching where I use an integrative technique I call the Interactive Subconscious Reprogramming Process™ (ISRP). This process utilizes guided visualizations, linguistics coaching, and body-centered therapy to reprogram destructive habits and limiting beliefs and helps to release stored emotions in the body-mind. My work is highly experiential and can be deeply cathartic. I also facilitate workshops on social and emotional intelligence, as well as creative self-expression.

Who is your niche? Who do you serve?

My clients are individuals who are 100% committed to their own personal evolution. They are finally ready to overcome their fears, negative beliefs, and sabotaging habits in order to live up to their fullest potential. They range from new seekers of personal growth to established coaches and wellness professionals, all willing to show up fully and live their best lives.

What is the mission your company?

The mission of Kristi Lee Schatz & Co. is to serve as an advocate and source of support for the courageous souls willing to rise above their challenges and fall madly in love with life. Through workshops, coaching, publications, and broadcasts, our network of seasoned professionals collaborate to provide high quality, transformative experiences.

Can you share a little about your journey with us.

Often surprising to most people, I used to be extremely depressed, socially anxious, and emotionally numb. I was a scared little girl in a growing woman’s body who lacked self-love and essential skills to navigate life with grace. I continually played victim to my story that I wasn’t good enough and sabotaged my success with unhealthy habits that kept me in a state of dis-ease. After hitting my personal bottom emotionally and physically, I decided to take matters into my own hands and road tested a plethora of healing techniques to see if change was possible. My incredible transformation from a morbid state of hiding to an ambitious lover of life has fueled my passion for helping others transcend their limitations and step fully into their purpose. I am now an outspoken, charismatic, and incredibly peaceful person living with the joy I once hoped was possible.

Can you please share with something unique to you. For example, what do you enjoy outside of work?

I am an avid traveler and adventure seeker. I am determined to live each day as if it were my last in order to ensure I can look back on life and say, “heck yeak, I did that right!” From diving into my inner universe to exploring the realms of my outer limits, I am a true lover of this crazy thing called life. 

What tips might you have for someone looking for the service you provide?  (how can they identify with what you offer?)

If you are looking for transformative results, start with the root of the issue. The subconscious mind makes up about 90% of who you are in any given moment and is often the culprit in sabotaging your success towards true health and happiness.

The healing process: Subconscious Thoughts Emotions Behaviors Results.

Here are a few important insights to consider on your healing journey::

  • Our subconscious programming drives our automatic responses including thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and can unknowingly sabotage our progress towards meeting our personal goals. Getting to the root of our issues requires us to dive into the old programming below the surface. Guided visualizations, such as hypnotherapy and ISRP™, help to replace outdated response patterns and effortlessly shift our associated thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to more adaptive responses.
  • The quality of our self-talk determines our perception of the world and sense of inner peace. Learning to quiet the mind is a critical life skill that can improve every area of our lives. Our brains are extremely malleable and can be rewired with focused attention and intention. Implementing a daily mindfulness practice can calm your overactive mind, increase self-awareness, and shift your perception about what it means to be fully alive, all while rewiring your neurocircuitry.
  • Our ability to manage our emotional responses have shown to produce greater life satisfaction, healthier relationships and overall physical wellbeing. Emotional release practices, such as body-centered therapies and energy work, help to process stored emotions in the body and rewire the nervous system for better self-regulation and healing.
  • Behaviors are the outward expression of our inner world. When we overindulge, or engage in self destructive behaviors it’s because our unconscious programming is sitting in the driver seat. By taking the steps listed above, you will shift at deeper levels which will naturally change your habitual reactions and behaviors. Lastly, choose your foods, friends, and perceptions wisely. This is your vessel and the more fine tuned it is, the more graceful life will be.

Where can people find you? Website and social media platforms.

My website is loaded with articles, videos, and audios: I am also on Instagram (@KristiLeeSchatz) and Facebook.

Is there anything else you would like to share??

I wrote a book! It’s a journey through exactly what I did to free myself from my old state of being and how you can too. It’s called “The Maju Mindset: Goodbye Bullshit. Hello Happy!” More information is available on my website.