Stress is our number one health issue. How it effects the body and tips to reduce stress.

In July I will be speaking at a womens event on a health panel and I plan to cover the topic of Women’s health issues around overwhelm, stress, and low self confidence.

wellbeing = balance + love + nourishment + joy

My clients have included dietitians, nutritionists, and doctors who know a lot about health and well being…. so that tells me, (and I know from my own personal experience) that our wellbeing depends on  way more then just the food we put in our bodies.  If we want more energy to live our lives fully, we need:



I combine my training in functional medicine, health coaching, detoxification, meditation, spirituality, life coaching, and womens health to hold the space for the transformation of women’s lives and it is an honor to witness and support these women. 
I support women to transform their lives by starting with the health piece, which leads to emotional wellbeing, . I offer 3 levels of private coaching. Click the links for details.

NOURISH:6 weeks to optimal health + Healthy Mindset (Understand your energy body and how to eat right for your body, lifestyle, reduce inflammation, increase energy, healthy meals and more)
EMPOWER:4-6 months to Optimal  Health and mindset + Emotional Empowerment (dive deep into the excuses, fears, blocks, limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your goals once and for all)
TRANSFORM:Optimal Health + Emotional Empowerment + Soul and Spiritual path.  (A 6-8 month mentorship for the women ready to stop the excuses and step into her power, purpose, unconditional love, joy) We start with healing the physical body, heart space, mindset and then open the pathway to our connection to Grace.

We become love.  We heal.  We become our purpose and we are lit up about our lives…… The gift of transformation.

Affirmations and vision boards are not enough if you really want to heal.  I have been committed to this process personally and professionally for 10 years.  If you are ready to get out of your own way, achieve those results you want and live happy and feel good, with more energy, schedule a complimentary 30 minute callto see if I can support you. Serious seekers only please.

  • Weight gain from cortisol and inflammation and reduced mitochondria in the gut which convert nutrients to energy.
  • Inflammation and disease: Stress decreases your lymphocytes or white blood cells that ward of disease.  If you are eating healthy and still getting sick, this might be why.
  • Poor heart health which leads to high blood pressure and risk for cardiovascular disease.
  • Poor Sleep. You need uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep daily for restoration and improved immune function.
  • Memory Loss and Overwhelm:  Loose your Keys, phone, wallet? Forget appointments?  This is a sign that you are overwhelmed.
  • Digestive Tract: The gut brain connection.  An unhealthy gut leaves us unwell, unhappy, more likely to be depressed.
  • Eat well, mostly plant based and in a way that is RIGHT for you. Anti-inflammatory foods and reduce processed foods. Looking for support? Join the summer detox.
  • Meditate/Pray:  After 5 years of health coaching AND at the peak of eating clean, I had a second health crises.  Why? STRESS.  I became a yoga and meditation teacher.  Listen to some of my meditations on soundcloud here. 
  • Movement: Yoga, Running, Walking, Surfing, Dancing, whatever you love, just get out and do it atleast 3 times a week.
  • Connection: Positive relationships and support and an integral part of our well being.
  • JOY is so important for our health.  Life, and the personal growth journey and wellness journey can have its ups and downs. but we get to choose how we show up.  Make time for the things that bring you JOY. Reply back here with one word and let me know what brings YOU joy, I want to get to know you!