The balance of BEING and BECOMING

The Balance of Being and Becoming

Living with Intention

We are all growing, expanding and evolving into something during the stages of our life experience. Whether it is your yoga or meditation practice, creating healthy habits, a relationship with a loved one, awakening to your sense, from a student to teacher, building a business as an entrepreneur, starting a new job, becoming a parent, we are in a constant state of flux, walking between the worlds of being and becoming. The question is, are you in alignment  living that balance with intention?

Our days are often filled with the noise of our thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences that become the perception of our life experience.  And we know that when we commit to stillness, mindfulness or a meditation practice, there is a deeper layer of our life story.  When we peel back the noise of our busy lives, we step into the stillness of our essence, our being.  And at deepest core of our being, there is space for what we are to become, where our inner guidance and truth speaks to us.  To live with intention we must know where we are on our path. When we do not have the awareness of where we are, unhealthy habits, relationships and patterns show up again because we are misaligned and out of balance. 

The Energy of Being

The energy of our being is a quality of the divine feminine energy within each of us and we are being called universally to access the potential of this innate nurturing part of our being. In Kate Northrup’s recently published book “Do Less”, she  says that…..

I refer to Feminine energy as a an energy whether male or female that we all possess. The Yin to the Yang.  The quality of our being that is nurturing, flowing, creative, and that sees the world and our experiences through wholeness.

Many of us are waking up to a new way of embracing this quality of our being as the way of coming home to who we were born to be. Stepping into our purpose and knowing our worth through intentional being rather then doing.

The old way of stepping into truth is one of hustle, the daily grind, proving our worth to the world, proving ourselves worthy of approval for our gifts and talents.  The new way is one of alignment, acceptance, self compassion, and flow.  Yes we can love unconditionally and lead boldly with a fierce heart and mind.  We will do this more effectively when we reflect inward to live in alignment with our values, listen to our inner guidance, and commit to our worth through self care. When we nurture our connection to Grace through our inner guidance and wisdom, and nourish the body through healing foods and movement, the heart space through healing and connection we really step into alignment with our soul’s purpose. I call this the pathways to our “Embodied Healing Self”.  We honor and cherish the physical structure, our body, which holds the integrated energies and parts of our whole self.  We step into flow, ease, gratitude, and abundance.  We stand in our truth and share our gifts and talents for and with the world in the effortless flow of life. We become the dance of life rather then then dancer moving through life.

Like everything else in life, our relationship to our work or service to the world, to our loved ones and ourselves is in a delicate state of expansion and contraction.  Everything in this world exists through ebb and flow, or the balance of “being and becoming”.  We has humans are no different then the seasonal changes, tidal changes, lunar cycles, and other life cycles around us.  The life cycles of animals, insects, and seedlings that become fruits, vegetables, flowers, and trees.  Every divine source of life needs nourishment, love, light, and rest.  The cycle of life is in a natural state of being an becoming, and has humans, sometimes we choose differently and fall out of balance. We unconsciously choose to be in more expansion, growth, doing, working towards success until our experiences show us its time to slow down.  Here

We all need 4 things to EVOLVE

  1. Unconditional Love through heart connection (Divine, Source Energy, God)
  2. Nourishment of the physical body with water an food
  3. Balance (the life cycle of expansion and contraction)
  4. Growth , Movement the process of expansion through movement or maturing, evolving

You were created by unconditionally loved and therefore are unconditionally loved, simply because you exist.  Creation is Love .

Nourishment is a form of self love. Everyone and everything in this world thrives from proper nourishment. The first sign on love exchange from a newborn baby is breast milk from mama.  Nourish the sacred vessel, your physical body that embodies the truth of who you are, your soul.

Live in harmony through balance in every aspect of life. Balance with sweet with the sour on your plate.  Embrace the Joy and honor the grief.  Celebrate Successes and listen and love the failures.  Listen to your inner child and your inner wisdom. Love fiercely and grieve compassionately.  Outwardly Express creativity and spend time in stillness to reflect and connect to the space where new creations begin.  The space where the natural light of our consciousness, our being is expressed.

How to recognize when you are out of sync in your natural cycle of being and becoming?

Your life experience will show up in a way to serve as a gentle reminder to live in the stillness.  Without stillness there is no movement.

Without darkness there is no light.

Without silence there is no sound.

Without failure there are no success.

Without space there is no growth.

Without being, there is no becoming.

The noise, darkness, fears, and doubts start to fade away in the stillness of being.  When we ground down into our state of being, we create space for more expansion in becoming.  We live in the ebb and flow of life, releasing expectations and attachments from a healthy space and creating space to receive and welcome the flow of life.

Your physical body is talking to you, are you listening?

When we listen to our physical bodies we prevent illness, injury and dis-eases.




unhealthy relationship with physical body

When you are in balance you will welcome

Optimal Health

Happens with body

Strength, mobility and longevity

A Healthy glow

More Energy

Your loved ones are a reflection of your world


Emotional Turbulence

Feelings of Doubt




You will step into






When you find yourself in a contraction of a state of slowing down, welcome it.  Even if its uncomfortable.  These experiences are our teachers. They make us more of who we will become.  Have a conversation with the yourself about the feelings you are experiences.  A somatic Inquiry will help to identify the emotion making in tangible and allowing you to recognize that like all energetic frequencies, this too will come and go.  Releasing attachment to the feeling, the story, the experience, will provide healing.

When we feel resentment, anger, frustration, it can drive us to push ourselves to be better. And what if there is another way.  What if we welcome self compassion, acceptance, and graitutde. 

20 years ago, I held USCG licenses to work on merchant ships, was an officer in the Navy Reserve, worked as a professional mechanical engineer.  I lived in the hustle, what appear to be successfully proving myself over and over again and earning credentials.  All of that came at the risk of losing my life through a health crises.  The real truth is I lost myself in trying to be someone or something that people through I could or should not be.  Here are words that I now live by “Just because you can, does not mean you should”.  Many of us are talented, beautiful, fierce go getters, and we can choose to create the life we want by living in alignment with what matters most to us and then creating our work/ life balance through the services we provide.

Are you living in the abundant flow of life.  You welcome a fulfilled life of inner peace and self fulfillment.  What greater gift could you request? To fully step into your worth, to honor the journey, to manifest the dream life, trust you are worthy, trust the process, and let go of the expectation. 

Let go the fears of the past and the anxiety of the future because everything you desire is waiting for you to trust and receive.  You will have times of expansions and contractions.  The key is to not allow the story or the experience control or identify you.  Release attachment to the expectation.  A caterpillar doesn’t worry about what color she will be when she turns into a butterfly, a seedling allows the wind to carry her to the Earth for the optimal place for growth, with proper nourishment to expand toward the light and the balance of seasonal change. 

Your contractions are a gift, an invitation to slow down, to step into your being, to take a deeper look within.  It’s the Embodiment of all your gifts and talents, challenges and experiences that make you you.  Once you embrace these gifts, you fully accept YOU and all of your expeornces.  There is nothing to fix or change, there is only acceptance and unconditional love.  Once we stop resisting the uncomfortable failures, negative inner self critic,  and listen to our experiences, we fully embrace, and we create space to Grow and Expand.

Many successful women have forgotten this, they have forgotten themselves, who they are, they have become disconnected from their soul and therefor are unhappy, overworked, exhausted and feel unappreciated.

My body spoke to me not once but twice through a health crises.  Even at the peak of eating clean, anti-inflammatory foods with tons of energy and optional health, I had a health crises… it was like a broken heart.  My soul was weeping because I wasn’t connected, I wasn’t listening to my intuition, my inner wisdom, I was not replenishing my connection to divine srouce energy, Grace, to God.  Prayer wasn’t enough, that was the doing, my soul wanted the being, the traveling within, the self reflection through meditation.  When I allow the divine source within me to guide me, I am in alignment.  When I trust and surrender, give it all up to Grace.

Here is the new life cycle in the Balance of Being and Becoming

1.  Awareness

2.  Courage to change and take inspired action

3.  Willingness to be Vulnerable to access potential

4.  Trust you are worth and the journey

5.  Surrender and give it up to Grace

6.  Give gratitude for all that you receive

Vulnerability is the gateway to your potential.  Your hopes and dreams are waiting for you on the other side. 

The balance of

Giving and Receiving

Passion and Compassion

Being and Doing

Adventure and Re

Joy and Stillness

Movement and Stillness

peace, alignment,

“We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within each of us”, an excerpt from my favorite poem by Marianne Williamson “Our Deepest Fear”. I believe deeply that we are created from unconditional love to live in the abundant flow of life and know to be true that most often times we are the ones standing in our own way.  Sometimes from trying too hard, doing too much, and not spending enough time in stillness to connect with our inner wisdom.

“Truly the greatest gift you can give yourself is that of your own transformation”

Lord grant me the serenity to change the things I can, accept the things I cannot and the wisdom to know the difference.

The things you cannot,….. you are going to battle with God…… I have a warrior spirit, and this is challenging when I believe Everything is Possible, yes it is but that does not mean that I MAKE it possible.  I can create the belief, see, sense and feel the experience I want to manifest and then I give it up.  When we surrender, we crate space for something new… here is what I know to be true Our Expectations are limiting us!! Overtime I trust, something better shows up, every it,e I live scarcity I hustle, I feel tired, resentful… so I don’t anymore.