The Overachiever Syndrome... Am I good enough?

In this Episode I share my self limiting belief around “I am not good enough” and how I am now a “recovering over achiever and perfectionist”. In this episode, you will learn about the most common self limiting beliefs that show up.  You will understand how that show up and run our lives and keep us trapped from creating change and rewriting our story. I will also share how to create a healthy relationship with your self limiting belief.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • [02:25] Self limiting beliefs in relationships, health, other episodes
  • [03:25] The most common self limiting beliefs
  • [06:15] Patterns of disease and discomfort  and limiting beliefs
  • [11:50] Does not being good enough lead to transformation and is it healthy?
  • [17:15] Create your ideal life exercise


[01:22]   “I am not good enough”

[10:12] “Not being good enough can also look like, I am only good when”

[15:15] “There is an invitation to live in the balance of expansion and contraction, being and becoming”

[16:37] “ We are all seeking freedom from expectations, judgements, fears, the inner critic”

[18:42] “We are created from unconditional love”


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