Why a Health Coach?


To be successful you need a coach, not a cheerleader 🙂. Success happens when you have support and inspiration from someone who loves you for who you are. That is me and I am a healthy lifestyle coach.. Why? Because I empower and inspire you to make changes in your life. You are the only person that will be with you on your entire journey in life. I want your life to be amazing, healthy and happy! I am here to show you how to live a nourished and well balanced life through nourishing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. No I don’t have a ton of letters behind my name, at least not in this industry. I have life experience. If letters and credentials and white coats are important to you, I am not your girl. I am down to earth, fun, mindful, loving and a real person just like you. Experts in their fields were often the ones who almost kept me from living my life, telling me I should not have more children after my life threatening birth experience with my first daughter, telling me my daughter would never be off meds when she was on 6 daily prescription drugs at the age of 3, well I proved them wrong because I am the expert on me. You can only be an expert on something you have done for thousands of hours… well then I will be the expert of me. I will honor myself enough to know when someones else’s expertise is needed, that is called mindfulness and awareness…that is part of my healthy lifestyle coaching. I offer 3 ways private clients, group coaching and online group coaching so that I may reach everyone depending on their financial resources! Right now and only for a few more days, you can join the summer special online group coaching for only $99 and it comes with 3 programs (save over 60%) and a 15 min phone life changing phone consultation with me! https://jenmons.com/summer-99-special/


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  1. Health coaches will be a great way of achieving your goals fast and accurate because they know a lot about how our body works.