Why your Healthy Habits start with a solid foundation and beliefs

Why your Healthy Habits start with a solid foundation and beliefs

3 Tips to Create the Framework for a Healthy Mindset

(So that you can live the healthy life you want once and for all)


People often ask me, “How do you just decide you want to be healthy?”  For me, it has become part of who I am, so I had to think about it.  Sure I have some life experiences that motivated me (from sickness to healthy, from no energy to vibrant energy), but it is really about creating simple healthy habits and knowing I was worth feeling amazing because I decided my health was important.  That took courage, awareness, and inspired action steps. I say it is part of who I am because I have created a healthy lifestyle through my secret ingredient. 




Ok that sounds good, but how do we create healthy habits that last? The answer is that we have to have a healthy relationship with ourself and embody our healthy self through a healthy mindset. This means, we acknowledge that we have thoughts, emotions, ideas, expectations and fears about what it looks like in the first place to be a “healthy” person, and we learn to release those that no longer serve us and transform them into empowering ones to create habits. 

Anytime, we are willing to create change, we begin by creating a sacred healthy space.  This brings clarity to our goals, anything standing in the way of you reaching our goals, and allows us to connect with how it will feel in the Healthy Self when you reach your goals.  This is possible when we get clear on values and beliefs. 

Because most of us live in the day to day grind and most likely feel like health is just another area that we can take up our time and energy, it’s important to create healthy boundaries in all areas of life and live in alignment with what really matters.  If your health and well being is important to you ( I am guessing it is because you are here), you want your habits and your lifestyle to reflect that. Am I right?  Its not an overnight magic pill or miracle, its about knowing your self worth enough to live the way you want. 

Here are the 3 steps to create the Frame work to create a healthy mindset for healthy habits. 

  1. Discover your WHY. I mean really sit with the feeling and the best possible outcome as you living in your healthy self.  Everything from how your life will change, how you will look and feel inside your body, and how those around you will react to the new you.  How those will react around you is an important part because it creates a positive anchor to what is possible for you.   This is your awareness. 
  2. Redefine Healthy Boundaries.  This includes  defining your core values, listing out a mental brian dump, prioritize what really matters on your list to what is urgent, important, and a core value.  Healthy Boundaries show up physically and energetically so I invite you to notice when your energy is drained, and learn to say no to these activities or requests. Chances are, these are not your core values.  Energy drains can also show up in relationships.  List out energy drains and notice where you receive an equal exchange of energy and if they are in alignment with your core values.  This takes courage. 
  3. Know your self worth. Do a vision board and connect with all that is important to you. List out all that you are grateful for you in life.  Be compassionate for your experiences and where you are, how you got here and for all that you are in this moment.  Be open to healing your heart space if fears, negative self talk, and limiting beliefs come up. Last week I hosted a life changing online workshop for  transforming our fears and negative self talk into a healthy mindset.  “The Foundation for a Transformation workshop” last week was hands down one of my favorite moments. It was truly powerful. If you missed it, you have a chance this week for some insight on what we covered when you  join in our free heal-thy self challenge. This week,   we will cover some basic steps to embody your healthy self. This is where we create inspired action steps.  We know we are worth it and create action steps from there. 



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Here is what we will cover

1. Create the Framework for  Healthy Mindset
2. Bring Clarity to what foods give you energy and a healthy weight
3. How healing you heart space = healthy habits
4. How to live in the abundant flow of life
5. Embody a Healthy Self



After you discover your WHY, you contemplate the How, including how you will get there and who will support you.  I invite you to join  our webinar Thursday night or come on over to the  the Wholitistic Healthy Lifestyle Community.