Rachel is a trained acupuncturist who specialized in women’s health before transitioning into her current role as an educator and activist with Beautycounter. After treating patients in her practice on a daily basis with allergies, infertility and cancer a turning point came when she had two patients come into her practice in the same month with breast cancer who were younger than she was and did not carry the genetic gene that is often linked to cancer. It was at that specific time in her life when she learned 80-90% of ingredients currently used in the personal care product industry have never been tested for human safety, so she decided to shift her focus to partner with a company who is not only educating consumers about this important public health safety issue, offering a solution to the problem via their non-toxic high performing products, but actually lobbying in Washington DC to fix the root of the problem which is the lack of regulation in the industry itself. Now, she works with a group of women across the United States and Canada to create a movement to lead the change to safer beauty. Beautycounter believes that no one should have to sacrifice their health for beauty and is working hard to make their voices heard. In her spare time, the Jacksonville, FL native can be found hiking with her two girls, Caelan & Ellie, collecting pinecones and catching sunsets on various cityscapes across America while traveling full time with her family looking for their next place to call home.


Your Skin is Your Largest Organ – What You Need to Know

The facts about the beauty industry, what you need to do know and tools you can use to make informed decisions about the products you bring into your home. As the old adage says: whatever you do early in life will reflect itself in your health and wellbeing later in life. This is certainly true when it comes to what you put on your skin. No matter how old you are, how long you have been using certain products, it is never too late to make a positive shift that will enhance your health for the years to come. Resources and guides will be provided.


Our voice is your voice. If you would like to take 1 minute and text BetterBeauty to 52886, you will be sent a link to notify your local senators and make your voice heard in the movement for safer beauty. If you would like to try any Beautycounter products Rachel is offering a $15 coupon for anyone looking to make the shift towards a healthier lifestyle. Please contact Rachel to redeem offer.