Welcome the Healthy WHOLE YOU Program

 Renew ~ Refresh ~ Recharge 

Healthy Recipes  ~ Meditations ~ Guidance & Support

Are you ready to create Healthy Lifestyle Habits that last?

  • Do you want to let go unhealthy habits, thoughts, and emotions that don’t serve you anymore? 
  • Are you tired of quick fixes with results that do not last?
  • Are you ready to identify and let go of those fears, beliefs, and unhealthy patterns that show up every year and step into creating the wellbeing you want?


  • Would you like to create healthy relationships with food and your self worth so that you have healthy habits?
  • Would you like more balance, happiness, energy & a feeling of confidence throughout the day? 
  • Would you like an experience free of confusion, judgements, and expectations?

Tired of health trends?….. me too

Why do we feel this way? Because we are all unique and not one answer, supplement, or  “diet” works for every person. 

It’s not just about the food…..

To make it more challenging, sometimes unhealthy emotional attachments show up and we make unhealthy choices.  Are you with me?  Emotional Empowerment and a Healthy Mindset are the KEY  ingredients to results that last. Optimal health and happiness are not just about healthy eating. It is about having a healthy relationship with food and your self worth to create healthy habits.  Read  my personal story here, which is why I am here to share my passion on a holistic approach to nourishing yourself to a HEALTHY WHOLE YOU.

If you say yes…

I am ready to create a healthy lifestyle that will last, how do I get started?

 You will learn a empowered & balanced approach to optimal health, more energy, and self confidence.

Welcome to the Transformation of a Healthy Whole You Membership!  


If you are feeling …

  • Guilt, shame, failure,defeat,or frustration around your health and wellbeing
  • Overwhelmed and Confused about what choices to make
  • Tired/low energy/unmotivated/moody
  • Hormones are all out balance
  • Bloated, puffy, uncomfortable, join pain or inflamed

Join our Thriving Community

coverpage  Where you will learn to..

  • Overcome guilt, shame, emotional eating, and unhealthy habits
  • Emotional Empowerment to BECOME a person that lives a healthy lifestyle, not a person who tries the latest diet or temporary trend 
  • Love your kitchen & Prepare nourishing,delicious family friendly meals 
  • Have a healthy relationship with food, your body, & self worth
  • Eat for Energy and Make simple and nutrient dense snacks
  • Exercise right for your body
  • Portion your foods – without dieting or starving
  • Eat the right protein: vegan,vegetarian, or animal proteins
  • Simple Tools to effortlessly live a healthy life even when you travel or eat out. 

Read the Testimonials of Happy Clients here!


 Here is what is included!

  • WEEKLY eBook Guides (heart and soul of this program!)
    WEEK 1: Commit to Change: + Suggested Meals, Shopping List, Recipes
    WEEK 2: Nourish Your Plate: (Food Focus):  + Suggested Meals, Shopping List
    WEEK 3: The Art of Self Love: + Suggested Meals & Shopping List, Recipes
    WEEK 4: Mindful Movement: + Exercises, Recipes, meal plan, Shopping List
  • An awesome info-packed eBook series 
    • 40 Snacks on the Go
    • The Gluten Alternative List
    • Should I Go Grain Free? 
    • What is a Healthy Portion: The Skinny on Portion Control
    • Simple Vegetable Cooking Methods
    • The Perfect Proteins 
  • A weekly Recipe Guide loaded – whole food, allergy- Family friendly, delicious
  • Planning Tool Pack for your personal use 
    • A Blank Meal Planner
    • A Simple-to-Use Food Diary
    • Weight Management Tracker 
    • Shopping Lists for each week  
  • WEEKLY Audio Recorded Guided Meditations and Mantras 
  • The exclusive invitation for an optional 30 minute private phone breakthrough session to discuss your success and how integrate to a healthier lifestyle. (Value $75)

Here is the best part…


You pay one time and get lifetime access to materials and our private facebook group!  All new recipes and updates are available to you at no extra charge. (Since 2012)

Post Transformation Handouts

  • Eating for Energy: Intro to Super foods
  • Juicing 101: the ultimate guide to juicing
  • Low Glycemic Eating/carb tolerance
  • 9 Smoothies that will change your life e-book
  • Daily affirmations
  • Zen Meditation Guide

Join The Wholistic Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Community 

Where you will receive an exclusive invitation to the private and supportive facebook circle with UNLIMITED access for Live Support and videos where you can interact with others and myself to ask questions.

The total Value is this program is $1500, yours only

28 Day Whole YOU Transformation Only $397

Why 28 Days? 

It takes 21 days to create a new habit. You will learn how to effortlessly meet your health goals over a 28 day period and make lifestyle changes.  You don’t have to expend your energy thinking about when,what,or how to eat healthy. We keep it simple and fun. I am there to support and guide you every step of the way! 

The 6 week Group Program “Nourished Whole You is available for groups of 20+ in yoga, fitness studios or doctor’s offices and wellness centers. Contact me here for details. 



Imagine feeling better than you have ever felt –  glowing from the inside out and feeling cleaner and lighter for a Healthy Whole YOU!

New in 2019

28-Day Health Whole You Transformation

Lifetime Access


The Total Transformation Package

28-Day+ 14 Day Seasonal Cleanse

BEST VALUE  (Total Value: $800)