Why I use Essential Oils

A clean lifestyle is not just about the food you eat! If keeping yourself and your loved ones healthy is a priority for you, then I invite you to learn more about essential oils. When I turned to holistic medicine, essential oils became an everyday priority for me. 

Having a severely asthmatic child with allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, I needed something to replace my cleaning products, air fresheners, candles, laundry detergent, and more.  Essential Oils did that for me.  I use them to get rid of bacterial infections, eliminate pathogens, molds, to ease allergies, headaches, and to help relax me or lift me up when I need it.  When our house was renovated and they found mold, I used anti-fungal oils in my diffuser.  When my kids are trying to avoid viral or bacterial infections I use essential oils.  From house cleaning to body scrubs, everything is all natural with essential oils in my house.  I lover their versatility!

Why I choose DoTerra

Not all essential oils are created equal. I have been using essential oils since 2003 and tried many different products.  I started out and loved supporting smaller and local companies until I found it challenging to be able to support my clients with the proper education and supply for their needs. I began researching for a company with a conscious mission statement and high quality and fell in love with doTerra. I have used their products daily since 2012.

For example, you may have seen the cheaper brands in the stores.  These are brands to be careful of. Many of them have fillers that contain toxins. Instead, make sure you’re getting a high quality essential oil like doTerra. How can you tell the difference?

The quality of the oil depends highly on where the oil is sourced – i.e., where the plants are grown, and how the oil is distilled.

This is why I go with doTERRA essential oils. I love doTERRA because of their commitment to quality sourcing and creating relationships all over the world that make a difference in the lives of growers, their communities and their families through their humanitarian partnerships with  Healing Hands .


How I use Essential Oils


The number one reason I love essential oils is their many uses.  I make my own bug spray repellant,hand sanitizer, cleaning solvents, body scrubs, add them to skin and haircare, use them in a diffuser, fight off pathogens and infections, cooking, and more.  They are a great addition to any household looking to reduce the amount of toxins in your home and add a holistic approach to wellness.*

Diffuse Them In The Air

 Our sense of smell is the only one of our five senses that is directly related to our brain. All of our other senses are routed first through the thalamus and then directed to the cerebral cortex and other brain regions. With that said, our sense of smell has the biggest influence on many physiological pathways including the stimulation of hormones and other metabolic processes.

In addition to the emotional benefits, diffusing essential oils can purify the air of unwanted odors and many airborne pathogens as I have done with molds and viruses. Essential oils can also be used as cleansing and purifying additives to laundry and surface cleaners throughout the home.

Apply Them On Your Skin

Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and can safely be applied topically with a carrier oil. Application of essential oils has immediate, localized benefits to whatever area you are applying and targeting.


Some oils can be ingested internally must be done with care.  I love to spice up the culinary action in my kitchen with certain flavors, especially chocolate truffles! 

Other Benefits

They also have calming and restorative properties and can be used effectively to help you relax, or as an enhancement to your massage and beauty therapy practices.

The chemical structure of essential oils also allows them to be absorbed immediately into your bloodstream via your skin for internal benefit’s throughout your entire the body. They are also natural disinfectants.

For all uses of oil, be sure to consult with a certified product distributor or take a look at the A-Z Guide!

Now you can purchase high quality oils through my website and I will be here to support you on the many uses of essential oils.  Live Healthy, Be Healthy!  Enjoy Life!



It’s Important That Your Oils Are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

 I use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils because I believe they are the safest, purest, and most beneficial oils to use. Because of their gentle and skillful extraction and distillment from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy, they are, in my opinion, the best on the market.

To see products, order products, and learn more visit:

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If you love the product, consider a Wholesale membership.

I recommend that you sign up as a Wellness Advocate. I believe this is the best way, even if you’re brand new to essential oils in case you decide that you love the product so much you want to share with others. 

Why? Because you’ll automatically get the best pricing, and you get all the benefits that come with sharing the oils, IF you ever decide that you wish to. (Most of doTERRA’s Wellness Advocates simply use the products. But it’s great to have the option.)

As a Wellness Advocate…

  • There are no minimums, obligations or quotas
  • You earn 10%-30% of your purchase back in free product points through the Loyalty Rewards program and opportunities galore for free product.
  • Earn extra income with your team. 
  • You get TONS of high-quality oils education, all free (plus free business education if you want it)
  • Access to 2 Closed Facebook groups: 1 for doterra business and 1 for uses for oils with professional support.  

Enrollment kits make it easy to get started at a low cost..

I love,  doTERRA’s Enrollment Kits, because you get so much good stuff at an amazing price. Go here to see all of the current Enrollment Kits. So which kit should you buy?

I love the budget friendly Natural Solutions, Family Physicians, and the Emotional Aromatherapy Kits, but if you prefer a bigger it, go for it. . Click here for more info. 

Still can’t decide? Go with any one of them. There is plenty to explore with doTERRA… the most important thing is to just start.

Here’s How To Order Your Kit

  • Go to my doTERRA website here:
  • Go to “Become a Member” in the top navigation bar. 
  • Select whether you would like to be a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate. (You are never required to share the oils! But being a Wellness Advocate gives you that option, so I highly recommend it. You’ll also receive business-building information and resources from me at zero cost.) Click on “Continue.”
  • Click here for Wellness Advocate and Wholesale Customer comparison. Same price, same benefits but the option to earn extra income and have a free website as an advocate. 
  • Select your language and country.
  • On the next screen, you’ll enter your info. If you are signing on as a Wellness Advocate (hooray!), you’ll enter your SS for tax purposes if you ever share the oils and earn income. It’s secure and private.
  • The site should pre-populate the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID with our number, but if not, it’s 403335. Be sure to enter our number so I can help you!
  • Remember to create a password and accept the terms & conditions! Then hit “Continue”…
  • Set up your first order! This is the fun part! Select the kit you want. You can check out all of the kits here. See my recommendations on this page if you’re having trouble deciding.
  • After you place an order, it will ask you if you want to set up a monthly order with doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program. There are a TON of benefits to this, which you’ll learn all about in our team welcome emails. You can also set up your Loyalty Rewards order later.

You’re all set!! Welcome and Enjoy creating a Wholistic Healthy Lifestyle adding in Essential Oils!  You should receive a welcome email but just in case, you can contact me here!

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 *These statements and products are not intended to cure or treat any disease and are not regulated by the FDA.