Keep it simple, Keep it Clean!

52 weeks of Clean Eating Meal options! 


Simple and Clean Meal Options

Mostly plant based with animal protein options meals for the gluten/dairy sensitive families

Many families are realizing that reducing processed gluten, dairy, sugar, and other inflammatory foods from their diet is a positive life-changing experience.  Simple and Clean Meal Options is an inspired idea to help you stop the overwhelm when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. The recipes for these meal options include dairy and gluten free options for families on the go and on a BUDGET! 

No frills, no false promises, just clean and simple healthy food and lifestyle techniques to help you heal, lose weight, provide nourishing whole food meals for your family, and achieve the results you’ve longed for.

Simple and Clean Healthy Family Meal Options

Are you transitioning to a anti-inflammatory lifestyle or want to experiment with new recipes? Often times when parents make this choice, it can seem overwhelming.  STOP THE OVERWHELM.  Here is a simple way with ideas for meals including your pantry stock, shopping list, and a recipe options for the week. 

I often have clients that tell me they do not have time to plan.  I am here to share a simple and clean way of eating with meal options for you to choose for your family.

In 2008, My family has transitioned to a similar lifestyle due to food sensitivities. We saw amazing positive results with these changes with everyone in our family.  

Exclusive for Healthy Lifestyle Transformation Group Coaching Circle!

This is not a customized program for the individual.  This program is made specifically for dairy and gluten sensitive families like my family or those interested in trying new foods.  I encourage whole food and clean eating and offer programs through EAT CLEAN!

BONUS: You get email support for your program to answer all your questions and needs, plus I have created a private facebook forum to make sure you have the support you need.  In addition to that, your program includes links to videos, websites, and more to leave you feeling confident in your family meal program! 

This plan includes everything you need weekly:

 planner matrix from Sunday to Saturday,


Shopping List  

Click on the image below to a list of meals for the 52 weeks!


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