The Healthy Self Kickstart Program is a purposeful delivery of information, tools, and guidance to support you in connecting with all areas of a Healthy Self Transformation. Together we co-create the experience as we navigate the different parts of a Healthy Self. We cultivate healthy relationships to all parts of a healthy self through the foundation of principles that embody the Healthy Whole You.  This includes the embodied body, mind, heart, and spirit.  When we establish healthy relationships, we create healthy habits which transforms into a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Relationships to all Parts of a Healthy Self + Healthy Habits =

Healthy Lifestyle Transformation


We will begin by creating a sacred space to cultivate change.  You will learn the What, Why, and How to create sacred space in your life. We will get clear on your goals, anything standing in the way of you reaching your goals, and connect with how it will feel in the Healthy Self when you reach your goals.  This is possible when we get clear on values and beliefs.  This will include creating healthy boundaries in areas of your life to create space during your transformation.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Intuitively guided meditation and visualization to create sacred space

Discovering Your Why

The Outcomes of Reaching Your Goals

Redefining Healthy Boundaries During Your Transformation

Tools for Mindful Living

The Value in Self Worth through daily Self Reflection and Gratitude

Resources you will receive :

The Heal-thy Self Transformation Mini Guide

The Commit to  Change eBook

The Gratitude and Presence Journal

The Healthy Boundary Checklist 

The Zen Mediation Guide and Resource List

A Recorded Guided Meditation on Creating Sacred Space


By now you have established your self worth and your Why for Your Commitment to this program.  You are ready to create energetic space by letting go of beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.  This profound experience will present itself in the way that is right for you.  Uncovering beliefs that we have been carrying around our whole life and that show up as repetitive patterns is profoundly transformational.  From this place of awareness, we move into acceptance and are able to shift our perception to create new empowering beliefs.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Experience and intuitively guided meditation and visualization to help you Uncover a profound belief that is holding you back

The 4 step process to uncovering and letting go of limiting beliefs

Learn how to manifest empowering beliefs

Learn to choose and integrate the right positive affirmation

Resources you will receive :

Uncover and Let Go of Limiting Beliefs eBook

Uncover Limiting Beliefs Recorded Webinar

Let go of Limiting Beliefs Recorded Meditation


Some of us may have been taught that being selfish was not ok. Well I am here to support you in taking this time to be selfish, honor your needs and put yourself first.  The more you are willing to dive deep in this work, the greater your reward will be.  Many of us are contributing to the world and the lives of others in some way. We easily find that we can share love in the world but do not always turn that feeling inward or easily receive form others.  If this is you, this changes now.  We realize we are love and we deserve self compassion.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Experience and intuitively guided meditation and visualization to help you receive and accept Self Love

Connect with our Beliefs about Self Love

Learn how to Receive the Love we deserve

Create the Belief that We are Loved, Loving, and Lovable unconditionally simply because we exist 

Resources you will receive :

The Art of Self Love eBook

Desire Mapping with Core Values

Recorded Meditation for Self Love

Identify Blocks that keep us from receiving Love


You know your self worth and are ready to commit to change by honoring your physical body. We learn that nourishment is a basic form of self love. During this session we connect with the physical body.  You will learn to understand how to Nourish your body  for your lifestyle, unique needs, and genetic predisposition.  You will learn how food effects the body and understand how to love how you feel when you eat the right foods.  We will also understand our relationship with food and any attachments that you might have.  We will pay special attention to foods that cause inflammation to help understand when and why the body is not living in vitality.  We will also understand the significance of Mindful Movement in the physical body.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Nourishing and Nutrient Dense Foods

How to integrate Simple Healthy Habits

Discover your Dosha and how to Eat for your Ayurvedic constitution

Eat right for you, Reduce Inflammation

Resources you will receive :

Healthy Habits and Foods Questionnaire

The Food Focus and Nourish Your Plate eBook

The Healthy Whole You Recipe Guide (70 + Whole Food Recipes)

The Super Foods and Eat for Energy eBook and Bonus Recipes

Basic Principles of Ayurveda for you Dosha Questionaire

The Food Diary eBook


We are learning how to properly nourish your bodies so that we love living in our physical body. This session we cover the importance of physical body awareness through mindful movement. 

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Understand the significance of Mindful Movement in the physical body.

The What, Why and How of integrating Mindful Movement

Healthy Boundaries in the physical body

Resources you will receive :

A recorded Guided Meditation to connect with the physical body

The Mindful Movement and exercise eBook

The Mindful Movement Self Reflection Sheet


This is what we have been leading up to.  As a personal and spiritual growth coach, I recognize that our only purpose in life is to live authentically in the highest expression of ourself.  It is who we are, not what we do that contributes to the world.  Each of us is our own unique gift to this universe because no one can be us.  This is where we come home to who we really are and we decide how we want to show up in this world. We embrace that a transformation is really about stepping into who we were born to be.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Understand what our higher self is

Learn the What, Why and How we connect to our Highest self expression

Manifest new desires and goals that are aligned with our Core Values through Soul Mapping

Resources you will receive :

The Soul Mapping ebook

The Guided Meditation for Living in the Abundant flow of life

Abundance is our Natural State of Being

Are you Ready? Let’s schedule a time to Connect. If you have questions schedule a Clarity Call.

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