This 6 week Guided Healthy Lifestyle Program is a purposeful delivery of information, tools, and guidance to support you in nourishing your physical body for optimal health. Considerations for options include the comfort of your lifestyle, genetic pre-disposition, your energetic constitution, how well you metabolize and utilize food, energy levels, emotional blocks, cravings, deficiencies, blood type, and unique challenges. Together we navigate the different needs of your physical body and create lasting healthy habits to fit your lifestyle. We will create the foundation for healthy lifestyle habits for optimal health, endless energy, and self confidence.   From breakdown to breakthrough, this is your customized program for  a balanced approach to nourishing your body and all that it needs to reach your Empowered Health Transformation. This program includes weekly private coaching sessions. 

The foundation for Self Love is Nourishment of the Physical Body.
Learn to Nourish the needs of your unique body with simple steps.  


From breakdown to breakthrough, we will begin by creating a Health Transformation Roadmap unique to your Healthy Blueprint. This includes the comfort of your lifestyle, your fitness and nutrition goals, how well you metabolize and utilize food, symptoms you want to overcome to optimal health, roadblocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from creating the change you want, and your genetic pre-disposition for health. 

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Create your Health Transformation Roadmap

Gain clarity around your Health and Life Goals 

Discover the Outcomes of Reaching Your Goals

Redefine Healthy Boundaries During Your Transformation

Review a Daily Gratitude Journal Practice

Resources you will receive :

The Manifest Your Dream Life Recorded Meditation and Visualization for Clarity

The Transformation Roadmap ebook

A 4 Day Jumpstart to Health Program

Recipes, Shopping Guides, and Suggested meals for your jumpstart to Health Program

The Gratitude and Presence Journal

The Healthy Boundary Checklist 

The Zen Mediation Guide and Resource List for Inner Peace

The Food Diary to keep track of your nutrition


You are now ready to commit to change by nourishing your physical body to optimal health.  We learn that nourishment is a basic form of self love and an investment in your health and well-being. By now you have established your self worth and your WHY for Your Commitment to this program.  You have set goals through empowered action steps and are ready to create Healthy Lifestyle habits that are simple and sustainable.  In this session you will learn to to keep healthy habits during a busy life, the basics of nutrient dense smoothies, nutrient dense foods that will keep you satisfied and energized throughout the day, how to de-construct cravings when you food combine properly.  Smoothies are the easiest nutrient dense meal on the go. If you don’t like to drink your nutrition, we have more jumpstart to health recipes for you. 

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Self confidence to create change in your life when you have support

Simple & Effective Healthy Lifestyle Changes that make a big impact on your well being

The 5 ingredients (fundamentals) that are vital for optimal health 

How to have more energy with proper food combining

Delicious and Nutrient Dense smoothies for the busy person on the go

Resources you will receive :

The 14 Day  Smoothie Program complete with Recipes and Shopping Lists

Smoothie 101 Guide and 10 Smoothies to live by ebook

Access to Smoothie Basics Webinar

A Healthy Lifestyle Guide for the Busy Person on the Go! 


By now you have learned how to nourish yourself in simple ways by adding in more anti-inflammatory nutrient dense foods that will give you energy and optimal health. During this session we connect with the physical body through your healthy blueprint.  You will learn to understand how to nourish your body  for your lifestyle, energetic constitution, and unique needs.  You will learn how food effects the body and understand how to love how you feel when you eat the right foods.  We will also understand our relationship with food and any attachments or emotional blocks that you might have through a food journal.  We will pay special attention to foods that cause inflammation to help understand when and why the body is not living in vitality.  We will learn to reduce unwanted weight, belly bloat, toxicity, inflammation, skin rashes, acne, brain fog, joint pain, headaches, PMS, hormone imbalance, and  illness. You will welcome more energy, less inflammation, improved immune function, youthful skin and a healthy gut.

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Nourishing and Nutrient Dense Foods for Increased Energy

How to integrate Simple Healthy Habits

Eat right for you, Reduce Inflammation

Emotional Empowerment for Health

Resources you will receive :

The Healthy Blueprint Questionnaire

Your choice of a Guided Healthy Lifestyle Program, recipes, shopping lists with Daily Check-in

Choose from the 14 Day Seasonal Re-Charge, 7 Day Raw Food Program, or 7 Day East Weight Loss Program, 

Access to the Eat Clean Webinar


You know your self worth and are ready to commit to change by honoring your physical body. Now it is time to become aware of any unhealthy patterns that might show up with the integration of a new and healthier lifestyle.   You will learn to understand how to nourish your body  for your lifestyle, unique needs, and genetic predisposition.  You will learn how food effects the body and understand how to love how you feel when you eat the right foods.  We will also understand our relationship with food and any attachments that you might have. We will explore any self limiting beliefs, fears or emotional blocks that might show up as a repeating pattern so that we can create sustainable changes through a 4 step process. We will review your food journal and identify the effects of food as well as the need for emotional empowerment to create change. 

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Post Healthy Lifestyle Program Roadmap

How to integrate Simple Healthy Habits

How to Create habits for Optimal Digestion through anti-inflammatory foods

Identify Emotional Attachments to food and lifestyle changes

Discover Emotional Empowerment by identifying blocks and fears through a 4 step process. 

Resources you will receive :

Healthy Habits and Foods Questionnaire

The Eat for Energy Guide and Bonus Recipes

Emotional Empowerment Checklist

FODMAP Check list and Guide for Optimal Digestion 

The Option to Access to FODMAP Workshop


We are learning how to properly nourish your bodies so that we love living in our physical body. Connection to our physical body through mindful movement is a tool that can help prevent injury and illness. I use my training as a fitness instructor, yoga teacher, mindfulness, and meditation teacher to share with you the importance of the right movement for you. This session we cover the importance of physical body awareness through mindful movement and how to create an exercise routine and inner calm right for your lifestyle. This will help to improve health by reducing stress to the mental and physical body. 

In our Session, we will cover the following:

Understand the significance of Mindful Movement in the physical body.

The What, Why and How of integrating Mindful Movement

Healthy Boundaries in the physical body

Resources you will receive :

Eat for Energy eBook: How to Fuel your exercise

The Mindful Movement eBook

The Mindful Movement Self Reflection Sheet


You are ready for optimal health. 80% of our immunities and neurotransmitters are in the gut. After we reduce inflammation and toxicity in the body, and are emotional empowered to create sustainable lifestyle changes, we are ready for a gut repair program. This short program will teach you why we repair the gut for symptoms of leaky gut, illness, and toxicity in the body. When we do this,we reduce and eliminate the symptoms that make us uncomfortable such as fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, mood swings, bloat, and skin rashes.   We will create inspired action steps to fully  integrate your learnings into  your new healthy lifestyle to complete your program for a balanced approach to your health and wellness.  

In our Session, we will cover the following:

How to rebuild a healthy gut, after we eliminate toxicity

Why we need gut repair with a healthy micr-biome

Probiotics and Fermented foods to improve healthy gut flora

Healthy Integration to the Healthy New Lifestyle 

Resources you will receive :

A 3 Day Healthy Gut Rebuild Program with Recipes, Shopping Lists, and meal options

Healthy Lifestyle Checklist and Resource Guide 

Positive Affirmations to keep you on track

BONUS SESSION: You will have the option for a follow up 30 breakthrough session. 

After the completion of your program, I offer a one time bonus 30 minute follow call within 30 days of our last session.  This session is optional  to follow up on any questions, concerns that might come up as you integrate into your new healthy lifestyle. 

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