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Latest Episodes

Karin Haysbert “The Inner Work that Creates the Outer Power”

In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Karin Haysbert, a divine love & life coach, inspirational speaker, worship leader, and author.  She has worked to empower women for over two decades, helping them to find the clarity, confidence, and courage to live their dreams to create the

Is your story telling you? Your Story to your Glory with Karen Kenney

  In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Karen Kenney. She’s a certified Spiritual Mentor, Writer, Storyteller and Speaker.  She has been a student and guide of A course in Miracles* for 26 years and  a longtime student of Passage Meditation.  Her personal Mentor is Marianne Williamson. 

The Overachiever Syndrome… Am I good enough?

In this Episode I share my self limiting belief around “I am not good enough” and how I am now a “recovering over achiever and perfectionist”. In this episode, you will learn about the most common self limiting beliefs that show up.  You will understand how that

Harness the Power of your Fear… and step into Empowerment

In this Episode I share a very recent experience in divine timing of how I choose to show up differently around my own fears, and how it allowed me to step fully into and embody self empowerment, which felt like awakening my tiger spirit animal. This experience

Welcome fear as the catalyst for change and live in abundance with Lloyd Burnett

  In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Lloyd Burnett.  A spiritual teacher,  coach, writer, and author who mentors and teaches healing professionals to claim their inherent gifts and abundance. Lloyd teaches workshops on harnessing the power of limiting beliefs and fear as the catalyst for change

Healing through Relationships, Connection, and Intimacy with Tara Davis

In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Tara Davis on healing through Connection and Intimacy.  Tara is a relationship and intimacy expert with 25 years experience and the creator of the Relationship Playbook for marriage.  She works with successful working couples who are exhausted and overwhelmed by

Emotional Empowerment Expert Bonnie Kelly End the cycle of Self Sabotage: A better YOU awaits

In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Emotional Wellness and Self Sabotage expert Bonnie Kelly. When it comes to suffering, Bonnie Kelly has “been there and done that.” She understands the cycle of self-sabotage, because she’s lived it and conquered it. With no one but herself to

Healing your relationship with money. With Money Mindset expert Erica Ross-Krieger

In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A., C.N.E., a money-mindset expert, an EFT specialist and the author of Seven Sacred Attitudes®: How to Live in the Richness of the Moment in the topic of “Healing your Relationship with Money”. As the founder of New

The Power of the mind in Health and Healing with Dr. Keith Holden, MD

  In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Dr.Keith Holden, M.D. a physician of Functional Medicine, Author of the Book and Udemy Course of “The Power of the Mind in Health and Healing”.  Dr Holden blends his knowledge and experience of science and spirituality with an intuitive

Gerson Therapy. A natural dietary complementary treatment for cancer with Dr. Sarah Paige Wilde.

In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Dr. Sarah Paige Wilde, A Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist, Holistic Educator, Detox Specialist, artist, intuitive healer and the first Certified Gerson Therapist in the Untied States.  She shares her passion for a hundred year old treatment of Gerson

Healing the Subconscious with RoHun Therapy

Happy Wholistic Wednesday. Today’s podcast of “The Embodied Healing Self” went live! Healing the Subconscious. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN. IF I had to guess, you have probably never heard of RoHun Therapy. You may not even be aware of a deeper layer of healing needed in your

An Integrative and Holistic Approach to Allergies, Emotions and Well being

This week’s guest Dr. Cathy Goldstein, board certified acupuncturist with 30 years experience.  With the message that “Energy Medicine is the future of wellness”, Cathy’s approach in her practice is a functional medicine and integrative energy based technology to help patients achieve health goals, reducing allergies and


This purpose of this podcast to be educate, inspire, and inform listeners on possible pathways to An Embodied Healing Self through Wholistic Health and Wellbeing.  This information does not replace the advise of your medical doctor, specialist, therapist, nutritionist, or dietician.  Please click here for full disclaimer. 


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