7 levels of Energy Attunement for your Energy Signature

In this Episode Jen expands on the idea that our only purpose in life is to embrace the truth of who we are.  She calls that your soul signature and in this episode gets into the energy body. She shares with you what our energy signature and frequency are when we are born into this life and the steps to attune living in alignment with the highest frequency or vibration of our soul expression. 

Key Points  you will learn:

What our Energy Signature is

The 7 Steps to Energy Attunement

How to learn more by our free 5 Day Energy Challenge

Show Notes:

[02:00] What happens when you say yes to you

[03:19] Our Energy Signature

[8:20] How to recognize when our energy is out of alignment

[8:45] The 7 Steps to Energy Attunement

[34:50] Join the free energy alignment challenge in October


[12:54] The energy in that moment IS truth

[13:54] “If the dream is in you, its for you” Amber Lilyestrom

[20:45] Intuitive Nourishment  is about cleansing, giving and receiving every day

[20:55] Energy Management is the new Time Management

[22:45] “Just because you can and because you can do it well, doesnt mean you should”

[27:45] “Embodiment is the energetic  imprint that we create on the physical body”

[28:19] We are not separate from our experiences, we are the experience’


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