An Integrative and Holistic Approach to Allergies, Emotions and Well being

This week’s guest Dr. Cathy Goldstein, board certified acupuncturist with 30 years experience.  With the message that “Energy Medicine is the future of wellness”, Cathy’s approach in her practice is a functional medicine and integrative energy based technology to help patients achieve health goals, reducing allergies and emotional stress.  She is also an international speaker, a lead instructor in Nuero-Emotional Technique and creator of energy based skin care.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • [01:00] Jen Mons as a patient of Dr. Cathy Goldstein in 2009
  • [04:00] The emotional energy between a mother and child in healing and NET
  • [08:00] Dr. Cathy Goldstein’s Health Crises while in Medical school that led her down the path towards holistic wellness with Acupuncture.
  • [12:00] Epigenetics : People have patterns and pre-dispositions in dis-ease and illness
  • [13:40] The term “allergy” as an adverse reaction in the body and how it shows up differently for everyone
  • [16:40] The Science behind NAET, a Chinese medicine based energy approach to allergies
  • [20:00] The immune system’s role in allergies and sensitivities
  • [24:00] NET: The Emotional Component to Health through Nuero Emotional Technique
  • [30:00] Kinesiology: How it works, the challenges, and the results
  • [38:00] : The science between NET and our response to trauma
  • [44:00]  FAST technique: Do it yourself Pulse Correction for Nuero Emotional Technique in response to emotional stress
  • [48:00] Acknowledgements and Gratitude
  • [50:00] Holistic and Energy based Skincare system
  • [55:00] A health coach for sustainable results in health


To find out more about Dr. Cathy Goldstein and Integrative Health & Allergy for local services  An integrative and holistic approach to treating allergies Neuro Emotional Technique

Book mentioned “Waking the Tiger, Healing Trauma” by Peter Levine.

For Tips on Reducing Allergies symptoms with nutrition and reducing stress, Check out Episode 5 on 7 tips to reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms

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“Our stories are our credentials: [06:00]

“Everything is Energy and the future is in Energy Medicine”  [07:15]

“We are limitless beings. We work to what we see is our limitations, but sometimes we just cant see the wall we are running into. It takes a clear assessment. Sometimes we see the blocks but we don’t see the tools to move through it.”  [08:15]

“We never know what it is like to feel good until we do” . . alternative paths to healing  [15:00]

“This is a way to be empowered in our health” [22:30]

“You can eat as healthy as you want, but if you do not address stress or emotional belief system in the body, you will notice repetitive patterns”. [25:00]

“Every emotion has a meridian that it is associated with” [28:30]

“Emotions are based in physiology” [31:20]

“The greatest gift is in the awareness” [34:00]

“Everything we do creates a frequency” [52:00]

“If you want different results from the past, you need to take different steps in the future” [57:00]