Become the experience you seek

In this Episode Jen shares a secret on bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to go in life. As she asked the question navigating her own experience,  “Become the experience you want to create” came out with clarity.  We spend so much time DOING the thing that we think we need to do, to be that person, when the answer is in the intention of BEING, and coming home to our truth. If you want health, act like a healthy person, eat, exercise and shop like a healthy person. If you want connection, be a person who connects,or whatever you seek, the answer is in the Becoming the experience you seek.

Enjoy the show!

Key points you will learn:

Why many of us feel dissatisfied or confused on why we are not living in alignment

The Balance of Being and Becoming

Become what you are seeking

Show Notes:

[01:30] BE- come what you want to experience

[04:40] The balance of Being and Becoming

[05:30] Become that very experience or person you are seeking

[09:55] The embodiment of BEING

[11:45] Access the free Dream Life Meditation here

[13:25 ] Tap into Self Empowerment to BEcome(moon cycle)


[08:11] Vulnerability is the gateway to your potential

[10:32] Women are so busy doing, they have forgotten who they are

[11:25] In stillness we access our truth, within the present moment


Access Dream Life Meditation Here

Become the Experience Blog

The Article “Balance of Being and Becoming”

Kate Northrup’s Book “Do Less”

Books I love:


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