Consciously Parenting through Fear and Pride

In this Episode Jen shares  about receiving the expanded energy of life through conscious choices. This personal experience of her’s navigating through fear and pride showed up through parenting, but the message of intentional choices, leaning into our body wisdom, trusting our intuition, apply to all areas of life.  Moving through life with intention, alignment, connection, flow and ease so that we can receive the expanded energy our soul is calling us in to.

Enjoy the show!

Key points you will learn:

How to navigate through fear and pride in life

How to recognize value in performance vs. alignment

How to receive your expanded energy of life

Show Notes:

[01:00] The birth of parenting

[02:00] Consciously parenting through fear

[06:50] Compassionate and unconditional love in children

[08:50] Consciously parenting through pride

[12:13] Lean into the resistance and discomfort

[13:45] Are you putting your value in your performance?

[15:08] Proving yourself vs. Alignment

[18:05] Somatic Intuition and Body Wisdom

[19:30] Receiving the expanded energy of life

[24:30] Connection is vital to our healing


[13:06] “Here I am Parenting through pride”

[13:30] “How much I value myself in my life for being a high performer”

[14:32] “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

[15:15] If you are a high performer from in place of proving something,for a reason that is not in alignment with you,  is it serving you?”

[15:35] “Can you take that energy and move it into alignment?”

[16:22] “Keeping her energy for her passion”

[17:23] “I had this moment of euphoria”

[19:29] “What if instead of stepping into this expanded energy, you just allowed yourself to receive it?”

[20:39] “It wasn’t the choice to step into, but in the choice to receive what was already in me”

[22:02] “When is the time to be and when is the time to become?”

[23:45] “Be curious about where your intentions are coming from”


Books I love on life and conscious parenting:


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