Create Sacred Space

In this Episode Jen shares  the important of creating sacred space in our lives, especially if we want to call in a change.  We have to create space to welcome in something new. We dive into awareness around our beliefs around time and energy.  How you know when your ready, especially when it feels like you are not read, why we create space so we feel the flow of abundant time and energy and how to create sacred space in our lives.

Key Points  you will learn:

How you know you are ready for change

Why we Create Sacred Space

How to Create Sacred Space

Show Notes:

[00:00] Why and When we Create Sacred Space

[03:50] 3 ways to know you are ready to change

[  ] Create the Framework through Presence and Clarity of your Why

[10:00] Redefine Healthy Boundaries

[11:11] Discover your beliefs around time and energy

[13:05] Beyond the vision board through living in alignment

[13:45] Value in self worth through self reflection

[14:24]  How to Create Sacred Space

[14:45] Identify Energy Drains through Energy Dump Exercise

[20:10] Clarity on your commitment

[21:30] Time Blocking with our identities/roles


[9:10] “Intentions are a promise to BE a certain way”

[12:03]“Busy Means misaligned,.. when you say you don’t have energy or time for something, what you are saying is it’s not a priority or I am misaligned”

[20:10] “If you are in a place where you want to create change in your life, then you need to get really clear about the level of commitment you are willing to make”



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