Embody your light body with Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner

In this Episode Jen shares guest Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner, a light body engineer and name alchemist. Former Manager of Energy Engineering whom after a Near Death Experience for a total of 7 minutes, chose to remain behind and reconnect the souls who’ve lost their way home. In 2013, upon completion of her soul’s mission, she experienced something similar to a walk-in, giving her personal experience for professional women and healers who have also been through intense spiritual awakenings and upheavals in life.

Barbera reconnects you to Source, In yourself. She rewires, aligns, activates, and upgrades people’s energy systems, including their physical one (which results in better health, improved business, and better relationships) and this facilitates their ability to embody their destinies.  Having healed herself of cancer, she also helps her clients heal from many of the dis-eases of their physical bodies, which are often stagnation in their Light body, energetic fields that makeup who they are on a cosmic plane that is connected to this earthly one.

Enjoy the show!  Key points you will learn:

How an upheaval or trauma in life effects our energy systems

What an embodied light body is and healing

A blend of science and spirit based on personal experiences.

Show Notes:

[01:00] About Barbera Ammahlia Schaefer-Berdner, a light body engineer

[08:30] From “dead” for 7 minutes  to Alternative Healing Energy

[10:40] What does it mean to Embody the light body?

[12:42] The Upheaval to the Upgrade with healing light

[21:00] Breakdowns allow you to choose a path, a live intervention.

[25:40} Triggers and activations: an invitation for an energetic shift

[28:30] The integration of the light body

[33:00] Cancer as an upgrade for Barbera’s intuition

[38:50] A change in the collective matrix around cancer

[42:00] Discerning without judgement

[49:00] How to know when you need support facilitating a pathway to healing.

[01:01:45] Embody the healer within you


[8:40] “After a dog sled race, I hit my head and I was dead for 7 minutes”

[10:06] “When we have a upheaval in our lives, we have an energy system…..that gets fried”

[12:11] “The health challenges were not about healing the body but were a spiritual upgrade”

[16:00 ] “The children are coming into the planet as an upgraded light body”

[18:00] “My vibration of my body at the time physically could not handle the vibration of my soul as she wanted to come in”

[22:00] “They have a knowing … that there is an energetic component that we are not getting to yet”

[31:30] “How to to be a full sovereign being holding your light “

[34:17] “I didn’t give my power away”

[39:22] “This is why you listen to your patients, they know their bodies better then we ever will”

[41:20] “I had another spiritual awakening, I had a walk in.. where your soul got a really big upgrade”

[42:15 ] “We like to judge that if its not natural it is better…Chemotherapy can create a lot of symptoms, so can a spiritual awakening”

[46:20] “Healing is in the acceptance of where you are”

[51:15] “Embody your destiny”

[57:25] “ We are teaching people to trust the inner knowing”

[59:40] “Allow yourself to be curious about the possibility”

[1:00:35] “Our healing is so much bigger then us”


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