Empowered Life Mapping

In this episode, Jen Mons dives into empowered life mapping and setting intentions + goals. This practice establishes the framework for topics that will be coming each week and focuses on our ability to heal and create the lives we want to live. Plus, Jen gives us a new perspective on why our New Year’s resolutions have not been working and provides us with steps to create goals that will actually benefit us. Knowing our core values is step one in establishing goals. Are your goals in alignment with what is important to you? Jen wants us to think about who will support us in our journey and consider if all our relationships are serving our needs. Stay tuned to hear why Jen believes we should not be attached to the outcomes of our goals.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

[ 02:50 ] Visualize + feel it in our bodies

[ 04:00 ] Journaling about 3 – 5 core values

[ 06:50 ] Consider your why

[ 08:35 ] Reflecting on our relationships

[ 12:25 ] Creating action steps

[ 13:00 ] Release the attachment to the outcome



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  • “Allow yourself to experience living as if your goals for this year have already been manifested.”
  • “If you eat healthily, you don’t have to work out as hard. Your body knows what to do to keep you at a healthy body weight.”
  • “My core value is healthily nourishing my body.”
  • “Once you set the goal, I invite you to take those steps and release the attachment to the outcome.”
  • “If we don’t have expectations in the first place, we’re going to get out of our own way.”