Ep 54 Embodiment of Love with Emily Perkins

How much love have you shared today? In this podcast, we talk about receiving and sharing the love as well as acknowledging the shadows that we feel or experience. I am so happy to have Emily Perkins, a person who radiates and embodies love. Emily is a love-based holistic life coach and healer who shares all the shades of love to the people that she serves. For her, love has many colors and it is her passion to help other people discover and embrace the kind of love they have. She is also a Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master, teaching reiki certification trainings to share and pass on the magic of this special healing art.

In this podcast, I urge you to open your heart, mind, and soul, and receive the gift of love as you listen to this episode.


Key Points You Will Learn: 

  • Knowing more about love, truth, clarity, and the shadow of love.
  • Giving and receiving love in a balanced way.
  • How to share love and compassion with others.
  • Learning how to give and share love wholly and fully.

Show Notes:

(00:38) Intro

(5:35) Emily shares her insights on energy, frequency, and this pandemic.

(10:53) Getting to know about overgiving and the shadow of love.

(16:00) Why we feel unworthy and guilty when we start receiving?

(18:30) The Feminine Energy and the balance of giving and receiving.

(22:02) What love really means for Emily in the place we are right now.

(28:25) Emily shares how love and shadow need to be in balance and be in unity.

(33:38) Emily shares her way to come back to alignment, her exercise on how she goes back home.

(38:00) How writing a letter to yourself can change your view on loving yourself.

(43:00) Emily shares more about Distance Reiki.

(47:09) I encourage you to listen and receive the song and its message that Emily shared.


(12:21) “As a healer and a coach, the responsibility that we feel can show up as our light and our shadow… And that shadow part is our ego.”

(18:30) “We need to give and also receive, otherwise our balance will be off.”

(22:05) “Our humanity is asking for the most compassion right now.”

(29:57) “Love has to be a reciprocal flow, to be given and be received.”

(32:31) “Love is the inclusion of all feelings.”

(32:43) “Bringing unity to the human race is bringing unity to all the parts of ourselves that we fragment.”

(38:00) “It’s easier for us to see the ways that we need to love outwardly rather than the ways that we already have it.”

(38:50) “You have to love yourself wholly and fully to love someone else wholly and fully.” 


Emily’s Website: https://www.lovelivingholistics.com/

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This podcast is to educate, inside, and inform the listeners of various pathways to wholistic well being.  This information is not to replace the advise of your physician, specialist, medical doctor, therapist, nutritionist or dietician. Please refer to the Full Medical Disclaimer Here.