Ep 55 Illuminating the Shadows of Abundance with Keri Nola

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough love, money, or power in your life? How do you face the shadows of abundance in your life or your practice as a healer? In this podcast episode, we get to listen to The Shadow Mama or The Queen of Getting Shit Done herself, Keri Nola. Keri loves mentoring healers as they transmute the energies of scarcity, fear, and doubt into confidence, clarity, and skills to build abundant practices with ease.

Listen and welcome abundance in your life in this beautiful episode!


Key Points You Will Learn: 

  • What is abundance and what is it’s significance today
  • The shadow of abundance and shifting your perception
  • The importance of healers in the world today
  • The value of receiving abundance in our lives


Show Notes:

(4:58) What is abundance and why it is necessary in today’s world

(10:08) Keri shares her journey with abundance and why she loves to share it

(13:36) What are the main shadows around our relationship with abundance

(17:32) The illusion of scarcity in the world today 

(20:57) The abandonment of our power and how to shift it to abundance

(23:16) The different perspectives of scarcity and abundance

(28:30) Why we need to listen to a “No” and a pause

(33:24) Keri’s thoughts on money and our contribution as healers in the world today

(42:00) The value of receiving and how it opens abundance in our lives



(5:33) “The conversation of abundance is so important now more than ever. Abundance is so much broader than finances and money, it is about our relationship with enoughness and to allow ourselves to attract and have. ”

(10:14) “Our relationship with abundance, like our relationship to anything, is evolving.”

(10:48) “We are abundance- the fullness of life force energy as long as we are living and breathing is always available.”

(13:52) “Our gifts are hiding in the dark and are begging for us to illuminate them.”

(21:57) “We have to be willing to own the things that we don’t like that we attracted and magnetized just as much as the things that we like.”

(26:10) I’m a big deal in the world, what I have to say matters, and I can say yes to whatever it is calling me.”

(34:15) “Never underestimate the power of your own inner journey and your own inner healing work and what it’s doing to the world right now.”



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This podcast is to educate, inside, and inform the listeners of various pathways to wholistic well being.  This information is not to replace the advise of your physician, specialist, medical doctor, therapist, nutritionist or dietician. Please refer to the Full Medical Disclaimer Here.

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  1. Wow! Incredible podcast! It definitely left me with a few things to think about. Thank you for sharing.