Ep 57 A Journey Through the Chakras

How well do you know about the chakras of your body? How do you balance the chakras in your body? In this solo episode, Jen shares her knowledge about chakras and takes us to a journey that explores the energy present in our body. She also shares the shadows of each chakra and the best food and yogas to keep the chakras in balance.


If you are just starting your journey to getting to know your chakras, this podcast is perfect for you! Listen in, and enjoy this podcast that can help you live in resonance with your highest self.


Key Points You Will Learn:

  • What is the Chakra System: Getting to Know the System of Energy in our body.
  • What are the Chakras in our body, their color, and their Shadow?
  • What are the best yoga poses for each chakra?
  • The best type of food for nourishing each chakra.


Show Notes:

(01:37) What is the Chakra System? How does Jen use it for her practice?

(03:11) The Root Chakra – the Chakra of survival, the color Red, the element of Earth, the attachment and entitlement shadow, The Warrior Pose, and food.

(07:00) The Sacral Chakra – the Chakra of creativity and abundance, the color Orange, the element of water, the abundance block, and the need for healthy boundaries, hip opener poses, and liquids.

(10:27) The Solar Plexus – the Chakra of willpower and confidence, the color yellow, the element of fire, the shadow of abandonment of power and control, twisting yoga poses and carbohydrates.

(15:51) The Heart Chakra – the Chakra of love and connection, the color green, the shadow of judgment, rejection, and separateness, heart-opening yoga poses.

(17:43) The Throat Chakra – the Chakra of sound and vibration and clairaudience, the color blue, the shadow of not being conscious of other people, the bridge and shoulder stand poses, and food.

(21:24) The Third Eye Chakra – the Chakra of clarity and insight or clairvoyance, unity consciousness, the color indigo.

(24:58) The Crown Chakra and beyond.



(02:00) “The Chakra system allows us to integrate within our own existence, our own body, to the world around us.”

(03:22) The Root chakra is the chakra of our survival. It is very primal, it is associated to the element of the earth.”

(08:52) “A person who feels like they show up in the world, relating to other people’s emotions and feelings have a very open Sacral chakra.”

(13:31) “It’s about finding that power within, it’s about more of that knowing like a feeling in your gut.”

(13:48) “Intuition is not fear or anxiety, it is a knowing. It is an energy of peace and calmness in your belly or your solar plexus.”

(19:14) “In the times we are living right now, the Throat chakra is going through a great healing. There is a lot of healing that can take place in just sharing stories.”

(22:16) “Our physical eyes exist to allow us the perception of the information that we are receiving.”

(23:48) “Light is associated with colors. All the chakras are representation of color through the light frequency in our body”.

(26:51) “I believe everything is energy, it is an exchange of energy, and our sole purpose in this life is to live in resonance with the highest vibration of our self expression.”



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This podcast is to educate, inside, and inform the listeners of various pathways to wholistic well being.  This information is not to replace the advise of your physician, specialist, medical doctor, therapist, nutritionist or dietician. Please refer to full Medical Disclaimer Here.

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