Navigating Core Wounds of Rejection and Essential Goodness

Healing Core Wounds around Rejection and Our Essential Goodness

In this episode Jen shares a personal experience that showed up around a core wound of rejection and questioning her essential goodness.  Have you ever experienced this? It usually happens on a subconscious level and until we work through the healing, can show up as a repeated pattern in many areas of our lives.  She shares tips on how to navigate the murky water of miscommunication in experiences with other and how to take self responsibility on our own healing through our personal growth.

You will learn:

How to navigate a core wound or your growth edge around conflict

My 4 step process in navigating the personal growth edge

How to choose to shift patterns and beliefs from a healthy self

Enjoy the Show!

[02:00] Healing core wounds, limiting beliefs and welcoming our growth edge

[04:37] A core wound around rejection, being supported and our own essential goodness

[08:00] The request for support and surrender to Grace

[09:00] Cleanse the negative energy of the core wound

[10:25] My core wound at age 7

[13:15] What happens when you choose from your wounded self

[17:05] Two practices to navigate these experiences (higher self and inner child)

[20:36] The 4 step process

[24:20] The moment where we choose


[07:50] There is no right or wrong. When feel the need to be validated to be right, we have to make someone else wrong.

[09:44] Show me the wound that is triggered. Show me the belief that is being validated in this moment.

[13:58] Sometimes we have relationships in our lives that are not a vibrational match

[14:43] This is an invitation for Grace to show me

[16:49] Its a practice and journey

[19:15] When the conversation is from unconditional love and higher self,that is where the truth is.

[20:50] The balance of compassion and truth with self responsibility

[26:33] We are here to navigate the muddy waters of the human condition