Find Sanctuary with Our Breath Josh Trent & Wellness Force

In this Episode Jen shares guest Josh Trent is the Founder of Wellness Force Media and host of the Wellness Force Radio Podcast. Josh has spent the past 17 years as a trainer, researcher, and facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world. In this Episode we talk about the importance of our Breath, our life force energy, how to live in the balance of logic and intuition, embodied true intelligence and healing our relationship with abundance. Everything starts with the breath, every breath is a new beginning.

Key Points  you will learn:

The reality of where we are right now

How to take loving control of your state through breath

The balance of logic and intuition

The Embodiment of True Intelligence

Show Notes:

[00:00] Intro

[02:20] A powerful 4:40 minute breathing exercise

[07:15]  About Josh and the mission of Wellness Force

[12:00] The reality of where we are and how to take loving control of your state through your breath

[15:30] The balance of logic and Intuition

[20:20] Start with where you are

[25:20] The Dream is the guidepost in Knowing vs. Doing

[28:05] The space between Purpose to avoid the soul decay

[36:36] How to gather, apply, embody True Intelligence on the middle path

[40:30] What mattes most right now

[45:45] The  Nugget of Wisdom.. Just Decide

[50:00] Healing our relationship with abundance and money


[12:30] “Taking loving control of your state through your breath, and then after that…… you get to decide where you think you are”

[13:55] “Mother Earth has shaken us to see who we have become”

*[14:42]There is a massive interplay between dark and light right now”

[15:34] “If we can look through the lens of truth, of our truth, what comes from our heart and head together, intuition and logic”

[18:38] “If we can transmute fear into love and darkness into light, think we can become”

[18:50] “Come home to our life force energy with our breath.”

[20:20] “Comparison is the thief of joy”

*[25:55] “The dream is your guidepost and If you don’t know your dream, that is your path”

[27:30] “The first time I made a connection to  God and he said there is more then life to this”

[29:30] “When you are willing to die for your dream, the universe provides”

*[33:30] “Embodiment can’t be faked”

[36:38] “Abundance is in the heart, a feeling of commitment and peace, Lack is the belief that you are not everything you need to be and that is in the mind”

[38:30] “Once you are aware of the extremes, seek for the middle”

[45:45] “If you just decide, and you just commit… you will make it, you will be provided for”

[53:30] Join us 4.20.20 Collective Breath work  to reduce stress


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This podcast is to educate, inside, and inform the listeners of various pathways to wholistic well being.  This information is not to replace the advise of your physician, specialist, medical doctor, therapist, nutritionist or dietician. Please refer to full Medical Disclaimer Here.