From Body Shame to Body Confidence with Bridget Shannon


In this Episode Jen shares Wellness Lately’s Bridget Shanon, a guest expert on Healing your relationship with your body.  From body shame to body confidence and how our beliefs create our reality. She shares how to heal this relationship through clarity, intuitive eating,  and a healthy mindset by ditching the diet mentality for good.

Key Points  you will learn:

The purpose of Clarity

Intuitive Eating

Feeling and owning our emotions and desires

Show Notes:

[00:10]  About Wellness Lately and Bridget

[05:00] Redefining  wellness

[10:40] The shadow of Perfectionism in wellness

[15:00] Get clarity on who you want to be and what you need

[19:15] Beliefs create your reality

[24:30] Intuitive Eating

[26:30] The line between elimination, empowerment, and intuitive eating

[33:00] Self Responsibility

[36:00] The power of feeling what is possible

[38:50] How to shift the focus, energy and intention

[43:00] Let go of Perfection

[46:20] Where to find more info and support through Wellness Lately


[4:20] Our relationship with food is just as important as what we eat.

[14:00] We believe we need to fix ourselves to be happy and the element of not being enough”

[17:38] “Be aware of unhealthy attachments to outcomes”

[22:10] What do I believe and what am I telling myself?”

[33:40] “Intuitive Eating is empowering to know what works for you”

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This podcast is to educate, inside, and inform the listeners of various pathways to wholistic well being.  This information is not to replace the advise of your physician, specialist, medical doctor, therapist, nutritionist or dietician. Please refer to full Medical Disclaimer Here.