From Excuses to Clarity with Truth and Compassion

In this Episode Jen shares a self sabotaging cycle or indecision and making excuses.  How this shows up in our lives, why we become paralyzed in it and how to get clarity on when we are stuck in this pattern. She also shares tools to move yourself out of the cycle from being disempowered to empowered.   

Key Points  you will learn:

How indecision and excuses are self sabotaging

The risks of staying stuck

From disempowerment to empowerment

Show Notes:

[04:00] The sabotage of indecisiveness and excuses

[3:55] The balance of truth and compassion

[06:33] The risk of excuses and indecision

[09:15] FOMO

[10:10] Clarity around excuses

[13:00] The mistakes we make that keep us stuck

[16:30] From Disempowerment to Empowerment


[06:07]] “You never know until you try”

[08:11] “What area of your life are you not willing to alter course in?


[13:04] One of the mistakes we make is we think we can do it alone

[14:11] Most of our values show up on our calendar and credit card



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