Goodbye Flu, Hello Pollen, Understanding Seasonal Allergies

In this episode, Jen Mons tells us all about shares her personal journey of suffering through seasonal allergies as a young mother and what she learned along the way. She describes how seasonal allergy symptoms can show up differently in all of is. She brings awareness to how our diet and lifestyle effect our immune system and that allergies are a result of a disorganized and overworked immune system. When our body is chronically inflamed from our diet, we can become more sensitive to the environment around us. If you are suffering from seasonal allergies, you will want to tune in to the understanding seasonal allergies and 7 tips you can take to reduce or eliminate your seasonal allergies.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

• [02:00] Food, diet, and lifestyle effect our immune system

• [04:00] Inflammation from diet can make us more sensitive to our environment.

• [05:00] Allergies are a disorganized immune system

• [06:00] 7 tips for reducing or eliminating seasonal allergies symptoms

• [12:00] Extra tips to soothe symptoms of allergies and asthma


For support, inspiration, and education on supporting the immune system through anti-inflammatory eating to reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms, check the links below.

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