Harness the Energy of Mother Nature

In this Episode Jen shares the importance of harnessing the healing energy of Mother Nature during her experience during a category 5 hurricane.

Enjoy the show! Key points you will learn:


Identify your response to negative energy

The 3 step process of harnessing the healing energy of Mother Nature

Show Notes:

[01:30]  The healer within you

[03:15] Receiving Healing Energy from Nature

[04:30] Flight, Fight or Freeze

[06:55] Harness and Transmute negative energy in our life into joy

[12:45]  Our experience is a reflection of us

[14:00] Energy management and alignment process

[23:00} How are you showing up in difficult situations


[9:20] “If you ever find yourself saying the word should, replace it with I will”

[12:45] “What I was feeling was a reflection of me, whatever we experience in life is a reflection of ourselves”

[15:35] When we are not living in alignment with our energy signature it will show up as a breakdown somewhere.


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