Healing and Thriving through Sobriety

In this Episode Jen shares  guest speaker  Amy Guerrero, A Sobriety Coach from California.  Amy is the owner of Thrive in Recovery where she embodies and teaches integrative pathways to transcending sobriety for a life of healing and thriving.  She combines health coaching, emotional healing, yoga, somatic breathwork, EFT tapping and the value of curiosity to overcome shame, guilt, and judgement to provide a pathway to healing.

Key Points  you will learn:

  • What is addiction
  • Compassion for our Coping and how to transcend
  • Attachement Adaptation
  • Embodiment for healing

Show Notes:

[00:30] About Amy

[05:30] How addiction can show up and transcend

[07:30] Why and how we choose to “cope”

[11:05] Attachment Adaptation

[14:00] From Shame and Guilt to Curiosity

[16:30] Amy’s Personal Path

[23:00} The many ways addiction show up in our lives

[26:00] Permission to feel

[32:45] The integrative approach to recovery

[37:30] Embodiment is the line between the seeker and the finder

[48:20] The power in Unconditional Love, Vulnerability, and Empowerment

[56::00} Now What in Sobriety


[6:30] “You can transcend addiction but no one gets to transcend the human experience”

[08:45] “Anything I put after “ I am” is not healthy for me”

[09:49] “These pattens we created until now, served a purpose”

[10:30]  “Stay curious instead of in judgment.. to go inward”

[11:30] “Addiction is looking outside of ourselves”

[13:45] Its so much easier to talk about the disease of addiction, then the patterns of addiction based on attachment

[15:00] “The inner work creates the outer world”

[33:15] “The healing is not in the doing but in the embodiment”

[43:15] “As soon as I think it has to be perfect, I am out of my body”

[48:45] “Vulnerability is the gateway to our potential, rather then being paralyzed by fear”


About Amy: Website: http://www.amyguerrero.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thriveinrecovery/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/thriveinrecoverywithamy/

Jen’s website: www.jenmons.com

Book: Waking the Tiger


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