Healing the Subconscious with RoHun Therapy

Happy Wholistic Wednesday. Today’s podcast of “The Embodied Healing Self” went live! Healing the Subconscious.


IF I had to guess, you have probably never heard of RoHun Therapy. You may not even be aware of a deeper layer of healing needed in your body that has created unhealthy thought patterns. Maybe they are not even YOUR thoughts or patterns, or maybe there are but you don’t know they are there Dr. Julie Layne Dietrich of Mind Body & Beyond Center and I met in divine timing during my healing journey 2 years ago after attending a transformational workshop through COR.

I had healed with food, movement and a healthy mindset, and yet I was confronted with another layer of healing the subconscious through energy work. My life changed again, just when I thought, I knew everything about health and wellness. Questions were answered. This podcast is to inform, education and inspire pathways to healing and is not intended to take the place of advise from your medical doctor, therapist or nutritionist. Please refer to the disclaimer. Today’s guest is Dr. Julie Dietrich – PhD, MhD, RHDI. She is a Doctor of RoHun therapy, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Intuitive Therapist and Healing Facilitator. RoHun Therapy is a profound psycho-spiritual therapy that is unknown and obscure to most of the world, and is used to heal the subconscious, usually from trauma and beliefs that result in negative patterns in our lives that effect our health and well being.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • [01:50] About Julie and My emotional spiritual healing experience with Julie
  • [06:50] Metaphysics: The integration of Spirit and Science
  • [9:30] Julie’s challenges with depression, near death experience,  and healing journey
  • [13:20 ] How Energetic sensitives show up in us and our children
  • [17:45 ] About RoHun Therapy
  • [22:25] Subconscious and inner child and limiting beliefs
  • [30:00] How to stop the cycle of limiting beliefs from wounded inner child
  • [33:00] The Results of RoHun Therapy and Self Healing Tools
  • [37:00] The integration of physical and emotional healing
  • [42:25] The layers for dis-ease
  • [45:00] Healing is Self-less
  • [48:40] Empowerment is Embracing our experience
  • [57:30] How to find Julie and more information about RoHun


Delphi University https://www.delphiu.com

Facebook – Julie Layne Dietrich

LInkedIn – Dr. Julie Layne Dietrich

Email –

Julie’s services http://mindbodyandbeyondcenter.com/


[06:30] “Let go of the fear of what can happen and open yourself up to the good of what can happen”

[11:55] “I wouldn’t be where I am today without that pain”

[12:50] “This is it, this is who I am going to be. My first week there was the turning point in my life. I understood everything I went through and why”

[14:00] “Looking outside of myself for the answers is when we were in our biggest health crises”

[17:00] “Just having someone understand us is  huge”

[18:45] “The client is the healer and I am the guide”

[21:45] “The inner child rules us”

[ 22:50] “The inner child is the creator of our life and it will pull experiences to you that will pull those experiences to you to validate those thoughts”

[ 26:30]  “We all have an inner child that wants to be nurtured and loved”

[36:10] “It’s not the emotion itself that is painful but the resistance to the emotion”

[39:30] “A lot of aches and pains stem from the subconscious”

[43:15] “Our physical body speaks to us and we can lean in and listen”

[45:00] “The healing is not just about us”

[52:52] We are here to enjoy, live in compassion, love, and joy