Healing your relationship with money. With Money Mindset expert Erica Ross-Krieger

In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A., C.N.E., a money-mindset expert, an EFT specialist and the author of Seven Sacred Attitudes®: How to Live in the Richness of the Moment in the topic of “Healing your Relationship with Money”. As the founder of New Attitudes Corporation, she offers her unique Personal and Professional Coaching via individual sessions and on-line courses, designed for entrepreneurs to break through inner blocks, expand their money-mindsets and increase their belief in what’s possible. In addition to Seven Sacred Attitudes, she is author of: The Wisdom of Chinese Medicine — A Powerful Paradigm for Organization Development Practitioners; and A New Definition of Health, published in Chicken Soup For The Body and Soul. At present, she is launching her latest course, Reboot Your Money Mindset™ as well as compiling essays for the next book in the Sacred Attitude series, Seven Sacred Attitudes for Financial Wellth.

Enjoy the Show!

Show Notes:

[00:30] About Erica
[02:20] What does money have to do with our health and being?
[8:50] Nourishing a Relationship with Money (Nutrition and Money)
[12:10] Money Mindset Exercise #1
[18:00] The Schemada “I CREATE” to bridge strengthen a relationship
[29:00] Money Mindset exercise #2 with a One Dollar Bill
[35:00] The Energy behind decision making with money, questions to ask
[38:00] Mindfulness around Money
[39:00] Money Blocks and Energy Blocks around Money
[44:00] Identify your Money Map and Money Blocks
[49:00] Tools to help you heal our relationship to money


[ 9:15] “My intake, assimilation and elimination are in divine order” Louise Hay
[16:00] “By virtue of the fact that there is a number means there is healing to do”
[25:00] Just because you have a lot of money, doesn’t mean you have to spend it – Melinda Gates
[35:55] “How is this transaction effecting me, What do I intend to get, What do I hope the person on the other end is receiving from it?
[47:00] This is about the awareness of our beliefs about money
[48:30] Tapping around energy blocks and more on Tapping with Alex Ortner to come
[49:50] What happens in the 21 day course is the energy expands
There will be a part 2 in “Tapping into the energy of Money”


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The Book “Seven Sacred Attitudes “How to live in the richness in the moment” by Erica Ross Krieger
The Book “Taming Your Gemlin” by Rick Carson
The Book “The Energy of Money” by Marina Nemeth
The Book “The Soul of Money” Lynn Twist



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