Human Design with Patsy McClain

In this Episode Jen shares  guest speaker  Patsy McClain trained and studied  in understanding both soul contract and human design.  Human Design is a blend of modern science and ancient wisdom that blends astrology and quantum physics into a language to help people understand who they are are how they respond and show up in the world. It helps to create more alignment in our lives.

Key Points  you will learn:

  • What is Human Design
  • The types of Human Design
  • The benefits of knowing your Human Design

Show Notes:

[00:30] About Patsy and Human Design

[07:00] How Human Design is used

[08:45] The conscious and unconscious of your Human Design

[13:00] The 5 types of Human Design

[18:00] Relating the types of Human Design in Family Dynamics

[24:00] Identifying Open and Closed Energy Centers

[26:20] My human design and Astrological Chart of birth

[28:00] Defined and Undefined Centers

[54:00] The Empath

[55:30] The Integration of Human Design in relationships

[1:10:00] Honoring our differences in Human Design to improve our relationships


[25:00} “The children of 2026 will be so different”

[34:06] “When people work with you they will feel empowered and inspired”

[43:45] Human Design is about learning to listen to our bodies to make decisions”


Jen’s website:


Karen Curry Parker “Understanding Human Design”

Authors on Human Design: Cheaten Parken and Linda Benell

For your free Human Design Chart:

The Soul Mapping Package with Human Design and Soul Contract:


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