Karin Haysbert "The Inner Work that Creates the Outer Power"

In this Episode Jen Share’s guest speaker Karin Haysbert, a divine love & life coach, inspirational speaker, worship leader, and author.  She has worked to empower women for over two decades, helping them to find the clarity, confidence, and courage to live their dreams to create the hot, holy, happy marriage and life they desire and deserve. Her work includes continually evolving by overcoming barriers of self expression, and knowing inner desires to create the life and well being we created to live in.

Enjoy the show! Key points you will learn:

How the inner work creates our outer world.

Everyone has a calling and purpose and life will be fulfilled when we live it

How to live in your truth and stand in your power

Show Notes:

[00:00] About Karin

[07:00] Who’s life are you living?

[13:00] Freedom of living in alignment with Divine Love, a new awakening

[18:45] Open to RECEIVE your blessed life plan through stillness and being

[27:15] The investment of the Inner work that drives your outer world

[31:43] The empowering 4 step process to practice living your truth

[38:40] Know your desires “Who am I, and what am I here to do?”

[45:07] Karin’s moment of stepping into her purpose

[50:00] The 4 step process in living your desired life

[54:00] Open to the power within you and  the Embodied Healing Self

[01:00] The Joyride of life, Choosing Fear or Love


[10:00]  “We get caught up in human being rather then human doing”

[10:30] “The healer is within you, an expression of the creator”

[12:15] “Instead of being a victim, I became a victor”

[14:42] “There is a new awakening happening of the Queens rising”

[15:55] ‘This stress and disease is going against our encoded desires given to us from God”

[18:26] “Be still and know that I am God”

[23:18] “ To Relax into who you were born to be is a miracle in itself”

[28:26]  “You are in the perfect place, at the perfect time, to do exactly what it is that you are called to do and  When you OPEN yourself up and acknowledge that, you can allow yourself to RECEIVE the instructions to move forward in the way that is BEST for you”

[43:20] “Who am I and what am I here to do?”

[53:59] “God is able to do exceeding abundantly and measurably more then we can ask, think or imagine   …according to the power that is within you”

[56:30] “The body is the sacred container of our soul”

[01:00:03] “Consider your life a joy ride”



https://www.facebook.com/karin.crossehaysbert (Queens for Christ)

Book “Queens arise, 40 days to liberating the Queen within you”

Book “What a “Ho” can teach a wife: Real talk about creating your Hot, Holy, and Happy Marriage”

Online Courses:

“The 5 best ways to confidently create Power, Presence, and Profitability in your Life”

The Real Talk Guide to Intimacy and Happiness in your marriage


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