Kate Northrup - A revolutionary approach to cyclical living & embodied wellbeing

In this Episode Jen shares guest Kate Northrup, a best selling author, speaker ,entrepreneur, and creator of the ORIGIN collective empowering women to reclaim their life with a revolutionary approach to time, energy, and self worth.  Kate inspires women to create businesses that create a life not just a living.  Her message comes divinely as we are in a planetary healing time and being called to slow down, embody wellness, and create the life we want.

Key Points  you will learn:

The power of Feminine Energy

The Power of Cyclical Living

Alignment and Embodiment of our Self Worth

Show Notes:

[03:30] About Kate Northrup

[09:25] Our time of rising Feminine yin energy

[14:20] Vulnerability and asking for help

[19:00] Proving our worth through accomplishments

[19:15] Fear of Abandonment and proving self worth

[24:30] Make a life not a living with lunar cyclical living

[28:30] Living in the flow of Seasonal Energy

[30:20] Embodiment is powerful

[33:05] Aligning worth in who people are not their accomplishments

[35:30] The power of Receiving

[40:40] Where to find Kate


[07:45] This book is an invitation to find another way, to come home to who we are believe that we can actually live, thrive and survive in the world during this time as women in they way that we were meant to.

[09:35] Our culture has led us to believe there is only one kind of productivity, but we are being productive all the time”

*[10:35] “Our work right now on the planet is to bring honoring and sanity to the invisible as much as the visible … feeling good, feeling connected, our health, our well being, joy, pleasure”

[13:00] “A culture that only celebrate the masculine is hurting women just as much as it hurts the men:

[14:55] “Vulnerability and Women and Receiving are the conversation”

*[16:45]” “You think I don’t matter? I am going to show you how much I matter”

[17:43] “I should be fine but I was really suffering”

[20:45] A fear that if Ido show up vulnerability and ask for help and I am abandoned that is really painful versus not feeling worthy enough”

[22:55] “The energy of strength through vulnerability”

[24:25]“Vulnerability is Empowering”

*[27:05] “There is no better time management tool then our bodies”

[30:20] “Our mission is to guide women to embodiment “

*[34:45] “Is there something you are craving to do that has nothing to do with anything other then joy?”

*[38:30] “Its about living and working in ways sustainability means we are living and working in ways that allow us, the beings around us, and the planet to thrive indefinitely”


The Book: Do Less for ambitious women



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