Live in Your Natural Energy Flow

In this Episode Jen expands on the 7 levels of energy attunement and how to live in the FLOW of our energy. How to Overcome overwhelm and exhaustion and welcome in more energy and alignment. How to live in the balance of expansion and contraction, being and doing, giving and receiving, and becoming empowered to choose the Flow of life.How to live Energized and Aligned in your natural state of flow.

Key Points  you will learn:

Energy Mastery and  living in the Flow

The Flow of Expansion and Contraction

What could you create more in your life if you had more energy mastery

What you will learn in the free  5 Day Energy Mastery Challenge Oct 7-11

Show Notes:

[02:30] What Energy Flow looks and feels like

[04:20] Expansions and Contractions

[8:20] Energy Mastery is alignment

[9:45] From Overwhelmed, Exhausted and “too busy” to Energized and Aligned

[10:45] Energy Management Process

[14:15] What happens we are are out of alignment

[16:30] How to stay in the flow

[19:55] Sacred Daily Rituals of Intention and Celebration



[11:45] “NO is an empowering word”

[12:52] The only thing we are to do is embrace who we are

[13:15] Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

[18:15] “Become the experience you seek”

[21:30] Energy is everything and everywhere



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The Intuitive Energy Session

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