Navigating your Inner Compass in times of uncertainty

In this Episode Jen shares insight on the global healing that is happening right now through the COVID pandemic.  She reminds us how we are so connected and how love, compassion and empowerment are as contagious as fear and a virus.  The importance of standing in a higher vibration for the ripple effect healing of the planet.

Key Points  you will learn:

The Healing of our planet and our individual experience

Healing together through heart centered practices

The ripple effect of healing

Show Notes:

[02:20] The planet is healing

[03:45] How you can create a ripple effect through your experience

[04:40] Fear vs. Love

[06:50] Navigating Uncertainty

[10:00] Keep the physical body well

[11:00] Find Oneness through your heart, the mind is individual

[14:00] The importance of holding a positive vibration

[16:30] The world needs healers right now


[01:35] “We get to choose our experience and who we spend this experience with will be our experience… choose wisely”

[03:15] “Its a time for us to come together.”

[04:00] “What this experience is showing us is how connected we are”

[05:40] “It is not easier for anyone person then it is someone else, we just chose differently… choose how you navigate”

[10:36] “Our heart is a sources of abundance.. the resilience of the human spirit is oneness and our mind creates and individual experience”

[13:13] Think of the power of fear, if we can transmute it to love, we can change the world”

[18:15] “Be in the oneness of love rather then the oneness of fear”


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