Own your Intuitive

This week’s guests Tamara Arnold, 3 time author, podcast host of  “Own Your Intuitive”, and Business Energy Coach shares her experience of learning to trust the energy of our innate intuition.  She helps to break stigmas around mental health, intuition helping spiritual driven entrepreneurs, through healing energy work around chakras.

You will learn:

How to let discomfort guide you into a greater purpose

How to trust your intuitive guidance

How to allow yourself to receive more

Enjoy the Show!

[03:10 ] Our experiences are a vibrational match to the energy we hold

[06:00] How Tamara came into owning her intuition in her phases of growth

[12:08] How Mentors help on the your path of expansion and transformation

[14:15] Chakra opening through expression in writing a book

[19:15] How we resist the discomfort and very thing we need to move towards the next level of expansion with  “I am not ready”

[22:30] Embody and receive your higher consciousness or soul expression

[30:10]  How and when to trust your intuition, everything else is ego

[33:45 ] Receive what is best for you

[39:26] How to rise faster and increase vibration in a phase of alignment with a mentor or coach

[47:15] Harness the power old stories and transmuting it into our gifts

[51:51] How to navigate the space you know you are called for and where to find Tamara


[08:35] “Not everybody has to go through the dark shadow of the soul to see the light”

[12:02] “Everything that had happened led me to that moment”

[13:15] “When we receive guidance it never really makes sense”

[17:55] “I received a message that I could read chakras”

[18:58  ]“It was the greatest teacher and lesson for me to evolve and expand my own awareness of what is capable in this world”

[19:17 ] “That level of discomfort always creates that next level of expansion, we only resist that very thing that is going to lead us to our great being”

[30:10] “The first answer is the right answer”

[35:04] “ Ask the answer from within and not expect some external to know the answer for you”

[37:24]  “I created the space where I was showing up for myself, not for the external validation because it was time for me to feel good all of the time, not just certain moments”

[41:35] “Acknowledge the super power you were given”


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Podcast: Own Your Intuitive

Tamara’s Books:

My child is driving me Crazy

The Magical Business Method

The Blind Leap

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