Rachel Luna, Clarity, Confidence and Cancer

In this Episode Jen shares Rachel Luna, CEO and founder of Girl Confident and the Confidence Activated Live Event. Rachel shares how “decisions determine our destiny” and the empowered path we get to choose through Grace.  She shares her life experiences from losing both parents to her experience as a marine during the Iraq War to a healer and confidence coach.  She also shares recently being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and how she began to embody her healer through trust, devotion, clarity, faith,  and confidence.

Key Points  you will learn:

How our decisions determine our destiny

Confidence is an inside job

The gifts of a healing journey

Show Notes:

[00:30 ] About Rachel

[07:00] Decisions determine your destiny

[16:25] Confidence is an inside job

[19:10] Divine Timing of connection

[23:00] The health crisis becomes the upgrade and Cancer becomes the gift.

[28:30] The many layers of healing

[32:00] Our Well being and Inner Peace are Priceless

[34:45] The Suffering is an opportunity

[37:00] The balance of being and becoming through healing and support

[40:50] The power of Receiving and slowing down

[47:00] The balance of Flow and Systems

[48:35] Rachel’s daily healing routine an journey through faith

[1:00:00] Clarity through Faith Activated and Journaling

[1:07:00] Revolutionary Confidence


[07:00] Decisions determine your destiny

[14:15] “I am suppose to do something of higher service for people”

[17:00] “I am here to heal you so that you can experience the confidence of God”

[23:25] “I have an immense amount of gratitude for the tumor that I found”

[27:27] “We have our to do list and God has his”

[29:09] “If you don’t have a connection to Grace, you still feel empty”

[31:20] “People don’t take into consideration how expensive illness is”

[34:10] “Do I want suffer in poverty or in abundance?”

[40:15] “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should”

[42:49] “Rarely do you find rush and quality in connection”

[1:03:00] “My prayer for the world is for people to know that  God is always there”


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