JJ Flizanes and the Law of Attraction

In this Episode Jen shares  guest speaker  JJ Flizanes, an empowerment strategist who specializes in law of attraction, manifestation, and a master coach on health, wellness and spirituality. During this show you will learn the importance of embodying and becoming the creator of your own life story, rather then the victim empowerment in manifestation and stepping in to our light and purpose in the world.

Key Points  you will learn:

  • Law of Attraction and Embodiment
  • Empowerment and  Manifestation
  • Living in alignment with our purpose

Show Notes:

[00:30] About JJ Flizanes

[04:00] Connecting the dots of our life

[07:40] Law of Attraction

[17:35] The difference between “knowing” it and “living or embodying” it

[24:30] Moving in to clarity, trust, receiving, and alignment

[27:25] How to navigate trust by releasing attachment to the outcome

[40:25] Release and surrender to receive

[41:35] Manifestation

[51:45] Abundance mindset

[56:00] Living in alignment with our purpose on a collective level

[59:00] 3 Steps of Law of Attraction


[04:35] “The more we do that, the more we get that”

[12:00] “Do you believe you are the victim of circumstance or the creator of your own reality?”

[13:20] “There is a difference between knowing it and living it”

[26:05] The way we show up in the world in one way is the way we show up in all ways.

[37:35] “Its always there for you to have, but you have to let go of how you think it needs to  show up for you to get it”

[42:27] “Law of Attraction is happening whether you believe it or not”

[55:40] “The work that we are doing is not about us”

[1:07:44] “You are not disempowered. You have power in every area of your life all the time”


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JJ’s website www.jjflizanes.com/book

instagram @jjflizanes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jflizanes/


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