The 4 E's to Embodied Healing


In this episode, Jen Mons tells us she is Enneagram type seven and explains how she still had some healing to do with herself before sharing her journey with others. We learn the four “E’s” to the embodied healing self are embrace, empower, embody, and express. Our true selves live on the other side of our self-limiting beliefs. Vulnerability is the gateway to our potential where all of our gifts and talents live. Everything is in a state of expansion right now; I invite us to welcome all of our new experiences that might be asking for love + healing.

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • [ 01:30 ] Enneagram type seven
  • [ 03:00 ] The balance between being + becoming
  • [ 04:00 ] Embracing the state of being and mindful living
  • [ 07:40 ] Empowering our thoughts + claiming what we want
  • [ 11:10 ] Embody the experiences
  • [ 14:00 ] Expression of our true selves


Enneagram Types


“I had not fully embodied my healing self. I had the last little layer to complete before I could share this with you.”

“Having gratitude for self-acceptance is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself.”

“Think about five things that light you up in your life. My values include nourishment, fun, authenticity, transformation, and connection.”

“When you go to the depth of your fear, you ascend to your greatest dreams and greatest truth.”

“We all live in this constant state of expansion and contraction.”

  1. What a beautiful explanation of love and healing as well as recognizing what we each need to feel empowered! Thanks Jenny!

  2. Jen, you are an inspiration to us all! There is such magic in shifting limiting belief systems.